Saturday, October 29, 2005

Same thing in different times

Iraqi kids have been tool for all these wars that Iraq had it and still have it . I will give you real examples that I saw it and see it . The war on the 1991 I raqi government hid some weapons and military truks at schools this continued in some schools till 1996 . I remember that days very well but I wasn't understanding what was going on exactly .
Now has no big difference than past the last war 2003 same government was hiding rockets at some hospitals .
The terror in the Iraq are using Iraqi kis' weaknes and ignorance and using them in their terrorism oprations , I have real stories how some kids were used by terrorists and I will post it in my coming posts . poor kids are ready to do every thing for some candy , Imagine putting bomb bag and giving it to the kid to take it to the opration area may be it is hard to belive it but if check very well you will find more than this . Using kid to kill as prepring those kids soldiers for them there is more than this but leave you guys to check and find it .

Friday, October 21, 2005

Stolen ?

Lets get back the stolen happiness to the Iraqi kids , Lets return nice smiles to their small lips .
These wars and violence took every thing from them and left them to the streets , looking on trash , homeless , fatherless . I know we can't get back every thing perefect to them because some of them lost their families but we can compensate big part in their life , seeing them at schools means one step for their happiness .
Violence is harvesting our kids souls, organs , fathers , life and society for 40 years and still going on. I am not politician but I am living here always painful truth . Saddam made a million kid orphan in 8 years fighting Iran . Some times I read stories and watch movies I see some body had kind of event with violence when he was kid and he live all life , Now look at to Iraq kids their life full of events . They are living it . Saddam is captured now but his crimes didn't end still are cutting heads on streets and still kids become orphans . I will not account these guys Iraqis who are always their hands in Iraqi blood . what kind of big crime is it? wich dont leave anybody with out hurt in this country . I don't know it is funny or painful or shame to see some Iraqis on the streets with Saddams's pics supporting him , those Iraqis took part with Saddam's crime against Iraqi people when Saddam was on the rule.... yes I am witness for this .
Now adding for this Arab countries are sending thousands of fighters to kill our loyal people and kill kids on the streets .

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lets increase the number of students.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


The Yezidi people one of important Iraqi nation , they live in north of Iraq with other Iraqi nations and they live in villages and small cities , As Yezidi nation was forgotten and still is for new government . Ask every one who visited SinJar one of Iraqi city in north west of Iraq ?
Every5 villages have one school without any condition . each school has no more than 4 teachers .
Winter is big problem with unpaved roads almost no move in these villages , if any kid gets sick they have to wait or takes long time to get him to nearst clinic. Many villages are poor for running water , they drink unpure water . Some villages has no elecricity lines so they have no elecricity equipment . Some villages has no school kids over there know nothing about education .
Most of Yezidi people are farmers after despairing from Iraqi consecutive governments . In Saddam time they suffered with other Iraqis but Saddam was punishing every nation type of punishment , The Yezidis punishment was forgetting them , perventing most services and leading whole generation to ignorance .
Yezidi people are very good and kind , you can visit them and see their situation .

Thursday, October 06, 2005

No body cares for us

Iraqi kids suffered and still suffring . I ask every politicians , thinkers, history writers , media , news papers and who has power in the world where is Iraqi kids in your day ? I know the answer but I leave it to you because may be every body has one . Did Saddam think about kids when he was fighting ? Did any politician think about Iraqi kids before they set up the SANCTION ? Did any fighter came to Iraq think about Iraqi kids ? ........., I don't know all answers but I know the black result every day Iraqi kids get killed and died . I want to make sure may be you understood the Iraqi kids wrong .... the Iraqi kid is verey nice and doesn't threat any one in this world and he wants to live in stable life as the rest of other kids in the world if he has right to live ... , every body is talking in name of kids but go and look at what is going on with Iraqi kids . In stead of helping these kids they are using them in the wars . every one in this world are watching or turn off the TV when they see the kids dying . we mentioned about Saddams crimes for kids but he is gone we have our new politicians all of them looking for power , every Iraq politician is busy to be in the power . weren't you kids in Iraq or you grew up out of Iraq and you know nothing about our situation? ... The Iraqi educated people are fighting for power and Iraqi stupid people are supporting terrorism . I ask every one to help these kids not by me or by other ORG. . stop fighting . more than 35 years. didn't you get bored ? don't be the reason of kids' suffer . where is Iraqi kids in the world?

Education is free for iraqi kids !!!

Education was free but with out education ... imagine .. if I offer you nothing off course will be free . This is in most Iraqi vellages and some cities . I will explain the education and you can go to the Iraqi vellages to see it but not all of them . every six or seven vellages have one school with 10 rooms the best of these schools have 4 teachers and most of them have 2 teachers so one of the teachers takes day of and stays one teacher to teach and run the school . The government provids stationery for the schools , they don't see just some books . Off couse the school time in Iraq comes with raining season so with unpaved roads in the vellages becomes like swamp . I belive if we want to provide education we have to provide suitable environment . why were some Iraqi cities provided at least most things . these vellages are forgotten . In summer time no electricity . some vellagers are verey poor so they have to work instead of going to school . some of the schools have no teachers so it is shut down . some schools in cities are broken partly so it is dangerous for the kids , some of these schools are abandoned by the government more than 30 years . In side of vellages' schools with broken windows and desks .
Being poor plus this situation many kids prefer working to the learning .

Kids under Saddam

Every body got hurt from Saddam but who were around him. If you refuse to join Ba'ath or army they will make you the Iraq like the hell. Iraqi kids are suffring 35 years and this going on. when Ba'ath came by crimes and killing to the power killed too many Iraqis , So kid's suffer started with first revolution ... started kids becoming orphans. It didn't stop here but it was just beginning for the endless bereavement . we fought Iran for 8 years, Saddam started the war , we lost 1 million men , we had more than 1 million orphan kids in that time but it didn't stop there . i think if you ask an Iraq ... will say that days was our best days and I agree with them because great bereavement started after Iraq invaded Kuwait . I don't mention about Iran and Kuwait loss because I wasn't there . However after war the number of orhans started to increase . The UN sanction destroyed us these sanction was'nt to Saddam but it was for us . we lost 500000 kids . with their being orphans UN took part to this crime . in some Iraqi cities like Halpcha was unbelivable fact every body dead with whole family . and some cities were punished by cutting running water , some cities were punished by preventing medical cares ,
Iraqis didn't belive how they get rid of Saddam but even after this didn't end their suffer.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

what kind of childhood I have lived ?

May be Iraqi kids can't explain their stories because of their tribulations , But I have to pass on all real and suffring stories who they were on it and stiil they are on it , so here is Najim's childhood . When Najim became 8 years old he noticed something and one of these he haven't seen his father yet , It is time to ask.... mother where is my father ? ... he is ...he is , with no answer . Najim knew in that time he asked verey hard question . so he didn't insist in that question because he thought all world became one mother and one son . In this time his mother is sick and he knew she is hiding something from him. Najim's family are living in verey old house , winter time is freezing and summer time is like hell with out refrigerator .. with out any furnitures. The worst day when is raining almost all house gets wet .they get food when his mother sews to the neighbours . This was his best days , for note he didn't know some words his mother meant to not teach him these words . he spends his days talking with his mother and playing with some stones his mother collected it to him . One day his mother became verey sick and they haven't enough money to get doctor to recover her sickness, She asked Najim to work at least stay alife ,Najim started to work all day in store to bring some money in that time he discovered the world bigger than what he has imagined . One day 2 men were talking about him at the store they mentioned his father ....he listned well ...he knew his father died when he was one year old . at his house he asked his mother abuot his father , She tried to hide again but he interrupt her and he said he is dead . she went to bring his picture and gave it to me .... said ... I was hiding it all time because I didn't want to lose you. Najim said .. me? ... why?. she said your father were murdered by Saddam's men because he didn't obey them to fight and kill innocent people like you .. I am afraid you think about this and you involve your self as your father , I said ............ no father, no toys ,no food, no friends and nothing ....his mother asked him to promise her to forget all these and to continue working and be patient. he promised her. after one year Saddam's men took their house because of his father they have to move to live in rent house this is one more thing added to their suffring . One day Najim was going to the work he saw kids crowded in front of school he went toward the kids , Najim asked kid what are you doing at school . Kid said we are learning writing and reading . in this moment teacher came from school and asked every body have to go in school ... Najim tried to explain but he hadn't chance to explain however he entered in the class room when teacher came noticed new kid in the class room with torn clothes with out bag with sadness . Teacher asked him are you new ?, Najim said no.... you guys entered me here I am not from this school , Teacher what school you are from? .. Najim said no school . theacher took him to the headmaster . Headmaster asked his name and his family after answer headmaster kicked him out and said we have no school for you . after that Najim and his mother disappeared .
NOTE : This story passed on from Najim's mother before they disappear