Friday, April 13, 2007

me and mute kid

One day I was teaching kids a new game to play in neighborhood, every time I teach them new game they get bored after playing that game and they want more, you know kids' situation, one of kids brought me his broken car toy to fix it, I couldn't fix it because I hadn't spare parts, he became sad, I didn't know what to do and I didn't have money to buy them candies, I said ok kids let me tell you funny jokes, kid became happy while I am telling them jokes all of them laugh, I noticed one of them doesn't listen and doesn't laugh, he just sits with kids, I talked to him and I asked his name he didn't answer to me, I see him first time in neighborhood, I asked one of kids what's wrong with him, Ali told me his family came new and he can't talk and can't hear, I tried funny things with my hands, I saw he smiled to me, his name is Samir but calling him with name doesn't work because he doesn’t hear he is 7 years old, however, I was with kids from around 3:00 PM until sunset after sunset all kids went home, I went to visit on of my friends after one hour I returned to home, I entered home I was trying to sit down I heard hard knockings on door, my mother said this knock is means something bad happened, and she told me if I made any problems before I come home, I told her no I didn't do any thing, however I went to see who is knocking, I saw Ali with woman, the woman is crying, Ali told me this is Samir's mother, I told her what's wrong?
She said Samir is lost…… did you see him? … Samir doesn’t know this neighborhood.
I said he was with kids and they went home didn't he come home?
She said no ….. I have no body to look for him now his father at work,
I told her don't worry you go home and I will gather some friends to look for him,
She said I have to come with you; I brought 2 guys from our neighborhood, me, Ali and Samir's mother we all went to look for in the neighborhood and other neighborhoods.
After 3 hours of looking for him we gathered in the other neighborhood without finding him.
I asked Samir's mother to go home and take Ali with her we will continue to look for him.
After they went home, I told 2 of my friends to knock doors on by one and ask them about Samir, then we started to ask every house about him, some people haven't seen him some others saw him walking that way or he was standing and watching other kids.
We walked according people's direction to us, finally we found our selves back in our neighborhood.
One of my friends told me why we don't go to mosque (if any kid or old guy or animal is lost, people go to mosque and then the Imam announces in the mosque's loud speaker about lost thing , this is very common in north of Iraq)
We ran to the nearest mosque but mosque was locked then we went to Imam's home, Imam refused because it was night and late however we convinced him, we together went mosque again to use loud speaker, after Imam announced about Samir and how he is look like, and he said if any body has him please bring him to mosque people left their home to find out what is going on, after half our nothing happened, Imam said ok come back tomorrow I am very busy now, however we convinced him again to wait just little more and repeat again.
In the second time one guy brought Samir to the mosque, Samir was little scared but when saw me he knew me and I made some funny hand things he smiled, Imam told us ok take him to his mother, then we kissed Imam's hand and the guy's hand who brought Samir, (kissing men's hand here in Iraq means respect specially if you kiss old men or women hand , It means I am very thankful, grateful and means you are very appreciated for his job that he or she has done to you, we also kiss our father's hand and specially our mother's hand to show obey and respect to parents here in Iraq, some times kissing somebody's hand means asking for frogiveness).

We took Samir to home, I knocked their door no one was at home then I took Samir to my home, I saw my mother and Samir's mother are awake waiting for us, after Samir's mother took Samir home, I went to bed tired.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

hiding from his daughter

Hanan waited her father tonight too, then she slept, her mother put her in the bed, she is 8 years old her family is very poor, she has no sister and brother.
It is 2:00 am her father arrived; he asked about Hanan, mother said she slept after long waiting for you; did you get your salary?
Father "work is weak, I didn't get money, I couldn't buy candies and doll that I promised her"
Mother "she waits you every night, she told me every one bought new doll but she".
Father "make her busy, don't let remember about, when she talks about it find something else"
Mother "I have no more excuses to tell her"
It is morning, father left to work before Hanan wakes up, Hanan woke up and asked about her father, mother told her your father didn't come last night he will come tonight.
Hanan "you say tonight everyday".
Mother convinced Hanan this day too like other days, Hanan went out to play with her friends with new doll, girls in neighborhood brag about stories and candies and gifts that their father and older brother brought for them and Hanan has no story just listening in.
Every day Hanan comes home sad, another night Hanan slept without seeing her father again,
In the morning after her father left home two police men came and asked about hanan's father to take him to army to take part in war, mother leaded them to his work place, two police men took Hanan's father to army from work place without seeing her family.
Mother started to work and care for Hanan, their situation became worst.
After four months father escaped from army and came home hiding, Hanan saw her father after more than four months, after day father went to his work place and received his salary for old work he was done, he bought candies and new doll for Hanan, Hanan was waiting her father when she saw new doll she took it to show her friends.