Sunday, September 25, 2005

What are we going to get if we help these kids?

I am going to answer to this question as Iraqi man with all respects for all opinions . I belive help anyone in this world means help everyone and everybody has its own situation . as we know poor environment and ignorance lead to violence , wars, crimes , sabotage, terrorism and all bad thing you think. It will be dangerous to live in that environment almost there is no life so the people who lives there has no value for there life , If somebody don't have value for his life ..... imagine it will be terrible ... he will see killing is easy and one solution for every thing . That environment it will be almost one of planets NO LIFE . So look at this side . It won't stop in this environment but is going to hurt other environmets or spread out to others as CANCER . so to protect our selves and that environment we have to initiate to help them with right education and upbringing . I belive we will get too much things . because today our planet is getting big day by day and our problems are enlarging . every problem needs be solved in the beginning with being small as CANCER . Now come everybody to give them life back to make our planet secure and stable by helping these young kids . I am going to pass on all kids' voice as my mission to help kids with their true stories . I put this to make you understand their living state . you can learn more by .
Now imagine what we are going to get if we help these kids .

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kid's story in Iraq

I will tell you kid's story in Iraq . his name is Salim he lives in Nineveh province north of Iraq, as I promised you let know all Iraqi suffering kid's voice and how they live .
Salim is 11 years old he is young and full of hopes but his destiny let him in this situation . His bereavement started before 4 years when every terrible things started come one after one , everybody knows how was the Iraqis situation under wars and Saddam adding to this situation his own terrible situation . Every thing was good before 4 years for his own situation he was living with his father ,mother,older sister , 2 younger brothers , uncle and his Grandmother in one small old house , One day his mother dropped from house roof and she died maybe Salim wasn't understanding what was going but his sad face started from that day but it wasn't only this . his uncle who was supporting Salim's family had accident and became crazy after his sadness for his sister who is Salim's mother it didn't stop here. Salim's father left them to another city he was coming once every month with small money which is not enough for food for 10 days it didn't stop here . His grandmother started to work to support them she became blind for her sadness for her daughter . now Salim's grandmother is begging for just food to make her grand kids stay alife and she is blind . Salim works all day in the streets just for lunch money his sister takes care to his 2 younger brothers Salim left school and so as his sister , when I first saw them I went out of thier house and started to cry for 15 minutes . aren't there hands to help them? where is poeple's feeling toward this? where is humanitarism in the world ? every body is responsible for this in the world , The 2 younger kids don't know what is the school is. Iraqkids. ORG tried to help them as mission for humanitarism but terrorists don't allow this they didn't allow us to hand our hand to help them they cut the hand wich helps people like them . still they are living waiting for small help for any hand even in there dreems .with there all own situation they have suffring from wars and sanctions and now terrorists.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Welcome to this New Blog - Children's Voice from Iraq

This Blog will speak for ALL the children of Iraq, a voice for the millions of Iraqi children who have grown up under war, sanctions, Saddam and now terrorists. We will speak for the children who have lost their moms and dads, brothers or sisters, or their best friends from the school or playground. We will speak for children who can't go to school instead having to work on the streets. We will speak for the children who never had even a single toy. We will speak for the children whose flame of hope is flickering and in danger of going out...

This Blog is authored solely by persons from Iraq and sponsored by IraqKids.Org... an organization dedicated to helping orphan, fatherless, abandoned street children and schools in Iraq. You can learn more about IraqKids.Org by visiting their website