Monday, August 13, 2007

Iraqi kids under Saddam (police station)

IRAQ-Nineveh province:
Year: 1997: Summer

Abdullatif is orphan lives with his four brothers, 2 sisters and his mother, he is 12 years old, his 3 of brothers work in the market and he is working too, his youngest brother goes to school, Abdullatif sells cigarettes on the street in the market, he has small bench made of wood that he puts his cigarettes on it and sets behind it to wait anyone buys cigarettes from him, he starts 7:00 am Iraqi local time until sunset time, when it is sunset time he puts his cigarettes in the bag and he goes to vegetable benches to buy cheep vegetables to feed his family.

It is summer 1:00 to 4:00 PM, in this time everyday streets get almost nobody because of the heat of Iraqi Summer, Abdullatif puts his bench inside one of stores near by his bench and uses this shortage in selling to go to video games store to watch other kids who play video game, he has no enough money to play and the money he makes it is enough for his family's food so he keeps just watching instead of playing.

One day, he left his bench to watch video games, while he is watching and talking to kids policemen came and surrounded that store, policemen took all kids also Abdullatif to police station,

Policemen brought kids including Abdullatif into police station and started to yell to them and cursing,
"All you are criminals and you have 2 choices, first staying here inside police station and get tortured or if you wash and clean the police station you will be released" Abdullatif said that what they told us after they brought us into police station,
Abdullatif and other kids started to wash and clean the whole police station until sunset then they were released,
Abdullatif went home without money, without vegetable and tired, he told his mother what happened to him, because of his mother didn't see Abdullatif lying to her in his life so she believed about what happened to Abdullatif, " don't go to the video game store again and I will try to save some money from your gain and your brothers' gains to buy you video games, so you and your brothers can play inside home" his mother said to Abdullatif,,,,,
Abdullatif became happy and promised his mother to not go to video game store anymore,
Next day Abdullatif went to work but at noon police was looking for kids to take them again and collect kids from video games stores but one police saw Abdullatif setting behind bench and remembered his face that he was yesterday at police station so he came and took Abdullatif again to the police station, Abdullatif told police that he works and his family needs food and money but that policeman didn't care about what he is saying, Abdullatif cried but merciless that policeman didn't care,
However Adbullatif is cleaning up and washing police station again for free and for freedom, while he is working he saw small hole on the wall,
He decided to runaway from that hole on the wall and he did it but one police was guarding that hole in outside, Abdullatif was caught, then, police put him in room and started to beat him up and cut his hair in bad way as punishment for him, it is sunset time Abdullatif was released again but in this time he was tortured by policemen.

Time by time policemen come to take specially Abdullatif to make him work for free and poor Abdullatif obeys them because he doesn't want to get tortured by police,

Abdullatif got bored of doing this for free, one day he bought small knife, he put that small knife in his pocket then came back to his bench to work after while police came to take him to wash police station, that merciless slapped Abdullatif , Abdullatif became very angry he pulled his knife and stabbed it to that merciless police's leg hardly twice, other policemen started to beat up Abdullatif and they arrested him.

That merciless police lost his leg and Abdullatif went to jail for 3 years.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

at house or out of house , merciless terrorists kill our kids

Before months:
Some where in Nineveh province:

Sajed is 11 years old; he lives with his family in small and old house, he doesn't go to school anymore because their region became fighting field many times between Iraqi forces and terrorists, his mother always tries keep him busy inside home and urges him to play inside home with his brothers and sisters, but Sajed gets bored staying at home he always gets way to get out of house and play with his friends at neighborhood, because of this action he gets punished by his parents.

One day,,,, shootings and explosions started near by their neighborhood, Sajed's mother shouted " Sajed , Sajed, Sajed" but Sajed wasn't at home; he was playing at neighborhood, his mother sat down and started to cry and say my Sajed is gone repeatedly, while she is crying hard knocking on the door, Sajed says " mom, mom open the door it is me Sajed" his mother ran toward door and opened and she saw Sajed with some kids from neighborhood, Sajed invited some kids to home to protect them from shootings and explosions because fighting is close to their house, Sajed and his friends are scared, paled and breathing quickly, his mother brought water for them quickly, when fighting stopped Sajed's friends left to their home and their families were worried about them.

Sajed's mother works hard to keep Sajed inside home to avoid the danger of terrorists everyday, but Sajed always finds way to get out of house and play in the neighborhood.
One day, morning, neighborhood is silent and everything is normal, Sajed's father used this silence to go to market and took Sajed's brothers to buy some toys, while Sajed still in bed sleeping his mother asked his father to buy him new playthings that may keep him inside home,
Mother, Sajed's sisters and Sajed stayed in home,
Father bought toys and playthings for Sajed and in his way to home, suddenly, he heard hard explosion he hurried up toward home and he found their house collapsed, Sajed, Sajed's sisters and Sajed's mother are dead.