Thursday, June 07, 2007

we all cried

Iraq, Nineveh:

Every Friday is holiday in Iraq, Fridays I go to cinema and I take some kids from my neighborhood to cinema to watch movies, kids love action movies, they also wait every Friday to I take them to cinema, their mothers dress them good and I go pick up them from their houses, each kid's mother gives me her kid's ticket money, I pay for bus from my own pocket, 4-8 kids usually come with me to cinema, kids age are 10-13 years old, I usually take them to watch adventure movies and some times to the action, every time I take them to action movie they talk about week in neighborhood.
Its Wednesday, I was walking then I saw cinema shows action movie on Friday, I told kids that I am going to take them to action movie.
It is Friday I took my little brother and five kids from neighborhood, when we arrived, I saw they changed action movie to sad love story movie and I love that movie, kids are unaware about this change, I thought well, do I take kids home or we enter to watch ?
I also can not leave this movie I love it, I decided to enter with kids to watch this movie, I told kids this love story movies so be quiet and don't make noise, (I saw kids how they get effected from action movies, some times they yell, jump, worry about the hero, laugh and sometimes the get sad)
However we sat in front seats, I am sitting and kids are sitting beside me, they turned off the lights then they operated the movie, it is about end of the movie I noticed kids were very quiet while I ma watching movie, I thought they got bored and slept some how, the end of movie was very sad, I cried little bit, I thought I am the one only who cried in the cinema but when movie is ended and they turned lights on I saw all kids are crying, I didn't think kids were going to cry from that movie.
When we left the cinema kids started to play and laugh.

Now, after 2005, the terrorists exploded many of the cinemas and closed up others, the cinema owners get threats in case if they open it.


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