Thursday, April 12, 2007

hiding from his daughter

Hanan waited her father tonight too, then she slept, her mother put her in the bed, she is 8 years old her family is very poor, she has no sister and brother.
It is 2:00 am her father arrived; he asked about Hanan, mother said she slept after long waiting for you; did you get your salary?
Father "work is weak, I didn't get money, I couldn't buy candies and doll that I promised her"
Mother "she waits you every night, she told me every one bought new doll but she".
Father "make her busy, don't let remember about, when she talks about it find something else"
Mother "I have no more excuses to tell her"
It is morning, father left to work before Hanan wakes up, Hanan woke up and asked about her father, mother told her your father didn't come last night he will come tonight.
Hanan "you say tonight everyday".
Mother convinced Hanan this day too like other days, Hanan went out to play with her friends with new doll, girls in neighborhood brag about stories and candies and gifts that their father and older brother brought for them and Hanan has no story just listening in.
Every day Hanan comes home sad, another night Hanan slept without seeing her father again,
In the morning after her father left home two police men came and asked about hanan's father to take him to army to take part in war, mother leaded them to his work place, two police men took Hanan's father to army from work place without seeing her family.
Mother started to work and care for Hanan, their situation became worst.
After four months father escaped from army and came home hiding, Hanan saw her father after more than four months, after day father went to his work place and received his salary for old work he was done, he bought candies and new doll for Hanan, Hanan was waiting her father when she saw new doll she took it to show her friends.


At 12:18 PM, Blogger Brian said...

When did this happen? Where are Hanan and family now?

At 5:06 PM, Blogger ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

Dear Brian,
this Happened in begining of 1992 in Nineveh province, Iraqi army was fighting some Shia'a groups in south of Iraq and some kurdish groups in north of Iraq, Iraqi government was taking people to war after many people ran from army 1991 the situations in that day were bad,
Hanan and her family are living in Iraq in Nineveh, and Hanan is married now , she also has kids .



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