Saturday, January 20, 2007

Three Windows to Iraqi Kids

To be close to Iraqi kids I am going to open small window to watch Iraqi kids from it.

In beginning of everyday kids wake up about 8 to 10 AM after father left them to work while they were sleeping, mother takes them and washes their hands and faces to prepare them to have breakfast, after the breakfast mother dresses them up to the weather, mother takes them to front of door there are other mothers do same thing then kids gather together to play and talk one of the mothers will watch them in front of the door or many mothers set to watch them, in one neighborhood will be almost 20 children or more than 20 then children will start to play, run, laugh and joke, girls and boys in this time kids forget who is brother and sister all of them feel like brothers and sisters and 2-4 years kids will attend this assemble but their 8-11 years old sisters will hold them, 2-4 years old kids just watch and have fun by watching other kids playing but when they get about 6 years old they will play with children assemble.
Sometimes while kids are playing one of mothers in neighborhood distributes candy or cake after she cooked just for kids assemble, cake distribution time kids stop to get everyone his/her share.

Window II:
The life insurance for Iraqi kids is their mother, mother is best life insurance for kids from 4000 years and it is very active until now in Iraq and very trustable insurance and works like that: when kid sets on the ground and it is cold weather, mother doesn't allow her child and doesn't allow playing with sick animals and doesn't allow doing any thing leads their children to be hurt.

Window III:
Going to bed, in winter time parents urge their kids to sleep early like 8PM-9PM kids go bed, some houses have one room for all kids, some families have about 6 kids sleep on one wide mat for six kids every one has his own blanket, some families have one big wide mat for parents and kids sleep in this mat and with one wide blanket, because they have no more room to put kids in other rooms so they make big wide mat and blanket to solve this problem.
Summer time kids go to bed about 11PM to bed, most of Iraqi people sleep on the roof in summer time so every kid has his own bed, summer time solves bed problem for who don't have enough rooms.


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