Friday, July 28, 2006

The begining of Iraqi kids grow up

Preparing for new baby starts before three months the baby comes, however everything is needed will be prepared for baby, in past years ago and in some villages now the people are using same way to grow up kids, basically mother uses her milk if mother couldn’t some of kids relatives will uses their new born mothers milk to help that kid, secondary thing is unbroken cleaning for kid, mother uses some clothes to wrap entire of baby’s body hard except the head, these clothes won’t be thrown after one use but it will be washed again therefore they use strong and soft clothes, mothers use some of dirt(soil) this soil usually be colored in nature red or green, after mothers bring this soil will be cleaned from every thing bad for babies’ body then they make it fleecy powder then they warm it and put in baby’s back to keep they baby clean and warm specially in winter time.
The cot is made of wood and mothers prepare very soft mini bed many people put small knife or metal underneath baby’s pillow to help him sleep, also they keep every smells away from kids.
In sleep time mothers shake the cot and start to sing until the baby sleeps.
Celebrating in every year birthday is not common her in Iraq for example I haven’t made birthday party in my life until now but we make parties for kids in occasions; the occasions are first time baby has tooth in this occasion we cook many kinds of food but make special food and we distribute for neighbors letting them to know our baby has his first tooth, it is just traditions.
We make party when first baby walks this is my favorite party I like too much when I see first walk for kids.


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