Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Everything at roundbout !!!

Abdulrahman was six years old he joined to school it was his first year his father bought him schoolbag and some stationeries, Abdulrahman was very happy with his new schoolbag and going to school, his sister 10 years old her name Sahar, she goes to school too. It is first day of school both of woke up early Abdulrahman’s mother dressed him up and prepared his schoolbag and told Sahar to hold her brother’s hand specially crossing streets, Sahar took his brother holding his hand to school, Abdulrahman was very happy his first time going to school until they arrived at roundabout and stopped waiting traffic police to cross them to other side, Abdulrahman saw one of traffic police came and crossed them up after they crossed up the roundabout Abdulrahman asked her sister who are these guys? Sahar said they are traffic policemen they organize traffic and direct cars.
Abdulrahman loved their uniforms and he loves cars already so he loved being traffic police.
Abdulrahman every day when hey come from school insists to stay half hour watch traffic police before her sister takes him home, when he did it for first time his mother was very worried why they delayed coming home when they arrived home his mother was waiting in front of home when she saw them coming her face smiled, Abdulrahman’s mother asked them why did they delay coming home? Sahar said Abdulrahman insists standing up and watching traffic policemen at roundabout, Abdulrahman said mom you will go to tailor and tell her to sew for me one of traffic police’s uniform. His mother said I would do it if you quit delaying; Abdulrahman became very happy waiting his small traffic police uniform after this he begs her sister just watch them for five minutes her sister lets him just for five minutes, when teachers ask Abdulrahman what are you going to be in future? He says traffic policeman, teachers even noticed how Abdulrahman is fond with traffic police.

One day one traffic policeman noticed that one kid every day watches them and wants to touch their hat, that traffic policeman talked with Abdulrahman and Abdulrahman told him how he likes traffic police and asked him to wear his hat, traffic policeman put his hat on Abdulrahman’s head this made Abdulrahman very happy, Abdulrahman and that traffic policeman became friends, when Abdulrahman went home he was trying to tell his mother how he is happy he wore up traffic policeman’s hat but his mother was hiding surprise, his mother said I have some thing for after lunch, Abdulrahman’s happiness made him to forget small uniform for him after lunch her mother brought him small traffic policeman uniform with small hat, Abdulrahman became very happy he immediately dressed it and he started to play with his toy cars and he told his mother how he wore real hat and became friend with one of traffic policemen.

At end of school year he dressed his small uniform to get his result for first year; Sahar took his brother at roundabout traffic policemen saw Abdulrahman with his uniform, Abdulrahman told them I am going to get my scores for this year, traffic policemen said we are waiting you, when he came with his sister, Abdulrahman told traffic policemen I succeeded, traffic policemen became very happy and they bought candies for him.

Therefore Abdulrahman and traffic policemen at roundabout became friends in summer Abdulrahman visits them with his small uniform and comes home he used to spend his times with them, sometimes Abdulrahman’s cooks food for traffic policemen in that roundabout and Abdulrahman takes it to them.

In next year Abdulrahman’s second year for school, Abdulrahman started to go school but he didn’t quit spending time with traffic policemen, no school on Fridays so Abdulrahman spends his time with them.
One-day terrorists tried to plant bomb on side road close that roundabout but traffic policemen called cops and cops came arrested 2 of terrorists and other 2 ran away and they failed to make explosion, but terrorists knew that traffic policemen informed so they prepared revenge for them.
Traffic policemen at that roundabout took care very well because they knew that terrorists come back for them, terrorists knew that Abdulrahman is friend with them, two of terrorists were waiting Abdulrahman to come at roundabout, when Abdulrahman was going to roundabout two terrorists gave him bomb but they put it in dishes with food to take it t them, when Abdulrahman arrived roundabout he was trying to say two men gave this food to take it for you, the bomb exploded, there were 11 traffic policemen 6 of them died including Abdulrahman and 3 of them injured.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger UNIQUE said...

Salam Alikom:
Very nice blog man, I like it, go a head and write more and more.
I was sad that I didn't know about it before...
But I have a question:
Is the stories real or only you are writing from your imaginations

At 8:27 AM, Blogger ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

thank you for your feelings , answering your quastion is yes all stories I write are true and there are some stories worst than what I wrote , I will be happy with any comment you have,
thank you

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This story moved me from the core and will stick to my mind for quite some time.
I hope you can find peace of mind, somehow, sometimes.

take care, Donna (usa)


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