Tuesday, February 07, 2006

About AbdulHussein

AbdulHussein is 8 years old lives with his family in old house, his father died before his borne so he is last kid in family and first boy because he has four older sister, the hard part here is they are living in environment which doesn’t allow working for women, people in that town see it is shame for women to work, AbdulHussein’s mother couldn’t work at market with men she had to find work with women but women don’t work so she worked helper for women during begetting new babies, she gets money for every new coming kid in the town. If the coming kid was boy she gets good money, food, gifts and sometimes sheep. If the coming kid was girl she gets normal money and sometimes no money and she get kicked out.

AbdulHussein’s mother bought 7 chickens for AbdulHussein to take care for chickens, AbdulHussein was very happy every day AbdulHussein feeds chickens and built small house for chickens,
AbdulHussein started to work at market to help his family, he goes to shops and takes their trash to the trash place and get 250 Iraqi Dinars (250 equals 15 American cent) for every shop, some times he brings tea cups from café to the shops and take it back.
AbdulHussein bought a rooster for his chickens he was very happy in that day he loved his rooster, Fridays all shops are shut down, AbdulHussein spends Fridays with his chickens and with his family,
AbdulHussein prays five times a day as other Muslims the times of prayers are (dawn time, noon time, afternoon time, sunset’s time and after sunset’s time).
Especially Fridays AbdulHussein’s mother cooks best food because it is holiday and AbdulHussein plays with his sisters.


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