Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jamal's story

I am passing out all real stories for you, in spite of hiding by Iraqi former regime or some groups but as you know truth appears every time.
Jamal had family one day as others in this world but his father died when he was 11 years old and he has one younger brother 2 years old and two sisters with blind mother and no other money resources, it was really hard point when their father died, but Jamal didn’t give up fighting this life to support his family, he left school and started to work.
When he became 18 years old former regime took him to the army but he refused it here started his problems with former regime, former regime accounted him traitor because his escape from army after he escaped from army he worked hiding from government. Government announced execution decision in his right so he was working in secret afraid if some one know his place and inform about him, His younger brother started working too with some help from other people, searching their house looking for him at night continued many years. Former regime made the life like the hell for his family disturbing and questioning but with all this Jamal refused to listen to the regime he continued his way working to support his poor family after 4 years regime made another decision in his right (he has two choices: first he comes and continue his army obligation system and 2 years in jail: second his mother will be executed in stead of him).
Jamal acquiesced for first one to save his old blind mother he knew former regime has no mercy.
After he completed five years two years in torture jail and three years in army after that he got (question mark) (?). We call that in Iraq if some body has some bad actions against former regime that means he has little rights and stays under watch forever and entire his family cannot work in government facilities.
However Jamal didn’t care for all that he continued working to support his family and collect some money to marry.
When Saddam’s regime was fallen he was very happy he became free but this didn’t continue for long time, terrorists killed him after torturing him because he was against the terrorists and their actions. He couldn’t even marry.


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