Friday, October 21, 2005

Stolen ?

Lets get back the stolen happiness to the Iraqi kids , Lets return nice smiles to their small lips .
These wars and violence took every thing from them and left them to the streets , looking on trash , homeless , fatherless . I know we can't get back every thing perefect to them because some of them lost their families but we can compensate big part in their life , seeing them at schools means one step for their happiness .
Violence is harvesting our kids souls, organs , fathers , life and society for 40 years and still going on. I am not politician but I am living here always painful truth . Saddam made a million kid orphan in 8 years fighting Iran . Some times I read stories and watch movies I see some body had kind of event with violence when he was kid and he live all life , Now look at to Iraq kids their life full of events . They are living it . Saddam is captured now but his crimes didn't end still are cutting heads on streets and still kids become orphans . I will not account these guys Iraqis who are always their hands in Iraqi blood . what kind of big crime is it? wich dont leave anybody with out hurt in this country . I don't know it is funny or painful or shame to see some Iraqis on the streets with Saddams's pics supporting him , those Iraqis took part with Saddam's crime against Iraqi people when Saddam was on the rule.... yes I am witness for this .
Now adding for this Arab countries are sending thousands of fighters to kill our loyal people and kill kids on the streets .


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