Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kids under Saddam

Every body got hurt from Saddam but who were around him. If you refuse to join Ba'ath or army they will make you the Iraq like the hell. Iraqi kids are suffring 35 years and this going on. when Ba'ath came by crimes and killing to the power killed too many Iraqis , So kid's suffer started with first revolution ... started kids becoming orphans. It didn't stop here but it was just beginning for the endless bereavement . we fought Iran for 8 years, Saddam started the war , we lost 1 million men , we had more than 1 million orphan kids in that time but it didn't stop there . i think if you ask an Iraq ... will say that days was our best days and I agree with them because great bereavement started after Iraq invaded Kuwait . I don't mention about Iran and Kuwait loss because I wasn't there . However after war the number of orhans started to increase . The UN sanction destroyed us these sanction was'nt to Saddam but it was for us . we lost 500000 kids . with their being orphans UN took part to this crime . in some Iraqi cities like Halpcha was unbelivable fact every body dead with whole family . and some cities were punished by cutting running water , some cities were punished by preventing medical cares ,
Iraqis didn't belive how they get rid of Saddam but even after this didn't end their suffer.


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