Saturday, October 01, 2005

what kind of childhood I have lived ?

May be Iraqi kids can't explain their stories because of their tribulations , But I have to pass on all real and suffring stories who they were on it and stiil they are on it , so here is Najim's childhood . When Najim became 8 years old he noticed something and one of these he haven't seen his father yet , It is time to ask.... mother where is my father ? ... he is ...he is , with no answer . Najim knew in that time he asked verey hard question . so he didn't insist in that question because he thought all world became one mother and one son . In this time his mother is sick and he knew she is hiding something from him. Najim's family are living in verey old house , winter time is freezing and summer time is like hell with out refrigerator .. with out any furnitures. The worst day when is raining almost all house gets wet .they get food when his mother sews to the neighbours . This was his best days , for note he didn't know some words his mother meant to not teach him these words . he spends his days talking with his mother and playing with some stones his mother collected it to him . One day his mother became verey sick and they haven't enough money to get doctor to recover her sickness, She asked Najim to work at least stay alife ,Najim started to work all day in store to bring some money in that time he discovered the world bigger than what he has imagined . One day 2 men were talking about him at the store they mentioned his father ....he listned well ...he knew his father died when he was one year old . at his house he asked his mother abuot his father , She tried to hide again but he interrupt her and he said he is dead . she went to bring his picture and gave it to me .... said ... I was hiding it all time because I didn't want to lose you. Najim said .. me? ... why?. she said your father were murdered by Saddam's men because he didn't obey them to fight and kill innocent people like you .. I am afraid you think about this and you involve your self as your father , I said ............ no father, no toys ,no food, no friends and nothing ....his mother asked him to promise her to forget all these and to continue working and be patient. he promised her. after one year Saddam's men took their house because of his father they have to move to live in rent house this is one more thing added to their suffring . One day Najim was going to the work he saw kids crowded in front of school he went toward the kids , Najim asked kid what are you doing at school . Kid said we are learning writing and reading . in this moment teacher came from school and asked every body have to go in school ... Najim tried to explain but he hadn't chance to explain however he entered in the class room when teacher came noticed new kid in the class room with torn clothes with out bag with sadness . Teacher asked him are you new ?, Najim said no.... you guys entered me here I am not from this school , Teacher what school you are from? .. Najim said no school . theacher took him to the headmaster . Headmaster asked his name and his family after answer headmaster kicked him out and said we have no school for you . after that Najim and his mother disappeared .
NOTE : This story passed on from Najim's mother before they disappear


At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Iraqi said...

sorry to be skiptical but something does not sound right in your blog, could you please tell us in which city all this happened, and what is your home town??

At 12:20 AM, Blogger luckent47 said...

you are going to find out some interesting htings about people that read a lot of blogs, especially ones from warzones.
they tend to have writers that are liars and very bad liars at that.
its kind of like nigerian bank scams, they work because they try so many doors to see if ones unlocked and then they wonder why so many people get scammed.
youre obviously messing up in your method.
first, you need to refer to the 'invasion' as the 'liberation' and then you need to make up some city names and particular names of bldgs and institutions so people can double check with third parties.
if youre a terrorist you need to stop or just blow yourself up.

if youre for real, you need help.

At 5:29 AM, Blogger ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

Dear comment writers if you need realy to know the reality you have to go Iraq and check all families you will see worst than this stories , if you were from I raq I don't surprise for who didn't see or hear because could be one of Saddam's crimes supporter , I have no other aims just to help these kids and remmeber Iraq is not just one situation , every body knew about HALPCHA , the kurdish town was attacked by chimcal weapon , I think after you check on this you will have no comments for my post . I have more terrible real kids story , I will continue as mission for humanity , with towns name or not , if you realy take care? make trip to Nenavah .
thank you.

At 7:20 AM, Blogger Louise said...

Ala'a, I believe you should continue to tell these stories. However, justice for these children must come from within the country. I don't really blame people for being skeptical about a blog like this. We would have no way of knowing whether you are just using these stories to scam people who live on the other side of the world, or if you are genuinely trying to tell their stories. If you genuinely want the sad lives of these children to get better, you must work with your own fellow citizens and with your new government to reach that goal. Help from the rest of the world will come, if and when we can feel confident that this is no a scam. If your intentions are genuine, please don't be discouraged and don't give up. Over time, people like you can accomplish many good things, but you must persist, remain hopeful, and most of all, find out what the best way to help these children really is. There are many good and reputable organizations in the world which devote their time, energy and resources to the cause of assisting children in dire circumstances. Perhaps you need to make alliances with some of those organizations. The ones that are legitimate and well established can lend credibility to your efforts and those of us who want to help will be less inclined to be suspicious. If your heart is in the right place, you will have to go this route.

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Iraqi said...

so you need some donations to help??
try to be more convencing, put some place nemes and even full people names and dates too?

At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Nadia said...

Humm… I am not saying your stories are false it is just something else can not put my finger on it right away that makes me think there is something strange with the way you choose your words etc. Knowing the Internet you should know that having an anonymous blog can make you anyone. I can set up an anonymous blog tomorrow say I am a man named Rick who is working to get a better life for poor children in the U.S; it does not make it the truth does it, but some will believe me and those who do will shout and defend my views?!

I have seen how children are used in times of war and two-faced politicians to make a point they are after. Just look at Saddam always wanted children around him, Blair did the same when he came to Iraq, and occupation troops have had a lot of pictures of being with Iraqi kids. Using this method is to make us viewers see the kids and think “ahh aren’t they just adorable and innocent” and then seeing them with Saddam, Blair or Soldiers and taking that thought with us to them too. We are using kids in a despicable way.

Instead of this why don’t you put your effort to make homepages in Arabic for all the orphanages we have in Iraq. Set up a system that make joint work between them, none Iraqi governmental organizations and government organizations easier to provide effective help to these kids, that is what these Iraqi kids need.

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Hello Bloggers, I am reading your comments and let me tell you something about Ala'a. I met him when I was serving in Iraq in the US Army. I got to know him very well, we became very good friends. Ala'a taught me many things about Iraq, about Islam, about myself. I returned from Iraq to my home, my family and my children. I asked Ala'a to write this Blog. I asked Ala'a to tell the stories of children affected by war, sanctions, and terrorists. Ala'a himself grew up in Nineveh. He has lived and witnessed everything he writes. If you are interested you can visit my Blog
Let me assure you that Ala'a is writing the truth so others can know what it is like to be an Iraqi child. He is not asking for money or donations. He is giving a voice to the children who have suffered in Iraq. Maybe some of you just don't care to listen to the voices of the innocent...

At 5:48 AM, Blogger ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

Dear Iraqi comment writers , what are you thinking ? go back to check living and I don't ask you go and look for because when be here in Iraq you will see every thing . please stop support Saddam's crimes , please stop support Terrorizm , if you do all this of course you will not see these kids . one of you said i am from Mosul and there is Zakka for poor people in the past and now . ok this good , let me explain these Zakka in the past was going to rich people from rich to rich and now it goes to support terrorists opration , it is easy to know this if you are from Iraq specially from mosul.
please stop support terror and violence and start support our future flowers to have good future.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger D.C. said...

I have heard of similar sad stories, and much worst than this one. Many people or entire families have disappeared in Iraq.

Readers can be careful, skeptical or cynical if they want.

I tend to beleive this one.

If you are genuine, I encourage to not give up your cause.

At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Miriam said...

These stories are true and continue today. I am peacebuilder and just came back from Iraq. Hope to return very shortly. This story is mild compared to others. One look in the people's eyes, it is truth. There are hundreds of historical books and publications documenting this too... in arabic and kurdish, and aramaic. right now in one city of Kurdistan, 35,000 older children had to drop out of school because there are not enough schools to hold them. the ones that are there are on a shift schedule, meaning children go for 2-3 hours, then a new shift. how much can u really learn in 2 hours. perhaps the people who are skeptics are lucky, they do not have this tragic reality in their lives. I am trying to build a secondary school in Iraq. the material costs are very high because of the commerical buildings are at a premium, it will cost $800,000.00 usd for 12 room school with multi-purpose room, combined library and computer room and offices. also in the engineering they take into plan this is earthquake zone. May God help us all to get these schools up. May companies and gentle people help build these schools.


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