Thursday, October 06, 2005

Education is free for iraqi kids !!!

Education was free but with out education ... imagine .. if I offer you nothing off course will be free . This is in most Iraqi vellages and some cities . I will explain the education and you can go to the Iraqi vellages to see it but not all of them . every six or seven vellages have one school with 10 rooms the best of these schools have 4 teachers and most of them have 2 teachers so one of the teachers takes day of and stays one teacher to teach and run the school . The government provids stationery for the schools , they don't see just some books . Off couse the school time in Iraq comes with raining season so with unpaved roads in the vellages becomes like swamp . I belive if we want to provide education we have to provide suitable environment . why were some Iraqi cities provided at least most things . these vellages are forgotten . In summer time no electricity . some vellagers are verey poor so they have to work instead of going to school . some of the schools have no teachers so it is shut down . some schools in cities are broken partly so it is dangerous for the kids , some of these schools are abandoned by the government more than 30 years . In side of vellages' schools with broken windows and desks .
Being poor plus this situation many kids prefer working to the learning .


At 9:31 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Ala'a, I hope people will read what you say and know it is true. On the website visitors can select "Visit The Schools" to see the condition of schools in the Nineveh Province in villages in close to the Syrian boarder. These schools in villages near to the Town of Sinjar are like most rural schools in the province. Although schools in bigger cities like Mosul get more attention the rural schools are in terrible condition. I took all these photographs while serving in Iraq with the US Army.
Although we funded projects to rebuild school buildings the schools still lack most basic supplies needed for study. Everything in Iraq can improve including the schools but not as long as the Iraqi people acquiesce to the terrorists. The world is waiting to help the schools and the children but only a little can be done without security. The terrorists know this. If they want to use Iraq as their own killing fields they must prevent improvements for the people and for the children.


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