Thursday, October 06, 2005

No body cares for us

Iraqi kids suffered and still suffring . I ask every politicians , thinkers, history writers , media , news papers and who has power in the world where is Iraqi kids in your day ? I know the answer but I leave it to you because may be every body has one . Did Saddam think about kids when he was fighting ? Did any politician think about Iraqi kids before they set up the SANCTION ? Did any fighter came to Iraq think about Iraqi kids ? ........., I don't know all answers but I know the black result every day Iraqi kids get killed and died . I want to make sure may be you understood the Iraqi kids wrong .... the Iraqi kid is verey nice and doesn't threat any one in this world and he wants to live in stable life as the rest of other kids in the world if he has right to live ... , every body is talking in name of kids but go and look at what is going on with Iraqi kids . In stead of helping these kids they are using them in the wars . every one in this world are watching or turn off the TV when they see the kids dying . we mentioned about Saddams crimes for kids but he is gone we have our new politicians all of them looking for power , every Iraq politician is busy to be in the power . weren't you kids in Iraq or you grew up out of Iraq and you know nothing about our situation? ... The Iraqi educated people are fighting for power and Iraqi stupid people are supporting terrorism . I ask every one to help these kids not by me or by other ORG. . stop fighting . more than 35 years. didn't you get bored ? don't be the reason of kids' suffer . where is Iraqi kids in the world?


At 1:34 PM, Anonymous flatlander said...

Someday I hope you will know that the suffering was not all for nothing, that there are people who are risking their lives to help ensure that Iraqi children and their parents can live in freedom, and in security.

It has been a long road and Iraqis and especially children have suffered. Take pride in the progress of your country; others do care.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger D.C. said...

Flatlander speaks wisely.

A promising futur is finally ahead for Iraqi kids.
It cost a lot of blood and tears, but freedom never comes free in our crazy world.


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