Thursday, December 15, 2005

Story from Nineveh

Ayad and Jasim are brothers their father were killed by Saddam's men when they were kids and, every thing they have were seized by Saddam's regime ,Ayad and Jasim lived with their mother in old rent house they started to work when they were 7 years old together with band wagon to make money and stay alife they were prevented from food from Oil-for -food by government so they lost every thing but all these didn't matter them but they started fighting for living some days whole family stays hungry because of lack of work .
they couldn't go to school and to get educated, they don't know reading and writing they were getting cheated many times in account of work . Ba'athists were watching and put them many times in trouble with out reason because of their father .( their father refused to join Saddam's army that is it ).
but they continued to fight this life , After they became 16 years old ,Two orphan poor what can do more than getting some food and money but ba'athists accused them with cooprating with enemy and started investigation put them in jail and leave their life continued like this untill 9 April 2003 ,they thought they became free I witness after 9April 2003 lived comfortable but this didn't continue for long time because after May 2004 terrorists groups invaded Ninveh with big account of men they were by Zarqawi's group .
After Saddam's regime down they took their own house wich was seized from Ba'athists .


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous RG said...

What eventually happened to the two boys?

At 7:01 AM, Blogger ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

Dear RG thank you for your question ,two boys were killed after capturing them by Zarqawi's gruops one of them were killed in middle of street and other at work
because they just condemned terrorism.


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