Monday, November 14, 2005

Pages of our good days

Although whole violence that we had and we have it I can't hide we had good days and calm days as I promised you to tell truth . I said in pervious post to provide you with real stories and these kind of stories are part of our life too.
As normal Iraqis, most of Iraqi people consist of families , These families usualy consist of kids , mother and father as other families in the world . perantes do their best to raise kids and help them in the life , No doubt they love their kids too much because they sacrifice their happiness to help kids and prefer working hard to get food and stationery for kids .
still the poorest parents very happy when they produce new baby they don't care how the situations are because they trust God will help them . Pernets assure very well to keep their kids be polite and safe to be apart of this society .
After becoming an Iraqi mother means great thing and becoming very kind and lovely .
Iraqi mother does tell kids stories to their kids these stories are very nice remain in their kids mind to tell it to their kids and never die these stories wich are full of humanity , love , love animals and love other people . It is almost looks each mother school prepares to good and peace life , For example mothers always warn their kids from fighting other kids .
Iraqi mother makes toys for their kids and cooks cakes , does candies then invites nighbour's kids to gather these kids together to love each other and play with each other .
If one of the kids became sick you are going to see Iraqi mother woken watching her kid all night .
I know every mother in world is same as Iraqi mother and my full respect and love for every mother in this world .

NOTE : I will continue "pages of our good days " stories like that and with other stories wich I promised you

be continued


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Robin from Alaska said...

Your writing of Iraqi families draws a beautiful picture in my mind. I look forward to a future, soon I hope, where all Iraqi children go to school without fear and come home every day safe and healthy. That is my prayer for you.
Robin from Alaska

At 5:57 AM, Blogger ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

Thank you for your prayer robin and thank for your comment.


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