Monday, November 21, 2005

Pages of our good life 2

Iraqi fathers almost are responsible for every thing beside mothers to help kids to grow up, Father plays with kids, buys toys and tells stories too. Kids don’t see their father as much as they see mother ids always miss their father because early morning father leaves home going to work end of that day kids wait in front of door to see their father because the first kid sees him will give him chocolate or some thing like that other kids get their share too but he gets first so kids always keep waiting. Sometimes kids get bored when their father delays coming home because of hard work, Kids sleep and father leaves home to work next morning kids continue this.
Boys like to play with cars, bikes, ball, small crystal balls, football players pictures, making something from clay, and collecting rare things.

Girls like to play with dolls and make small houses, small dishes, cooking stuff, small colored beads, drawing squares on the ground playing on it we call it here first and second, rope and songs with other girls by making circles and singing we have many of these songs.


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