Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tell the diffrence?

I think I explained enough for you the situation in Iraq and to make you understand easily , because I saw in some comments some people may be hidding or don't know yet what is going on here . what is the differnece between Saddam and Hitler ? Are not both of them killing their own people for no reason of course they created some reason for kill but this is fool to believe . Both of them were threatening other countries , neighbour and peace . However Hitler was treated by foreces and people , peace were saved . so Saddam was going in same way of course his end will be Hitler's end this is became very common in these days but we have problem here in Saddam's end (WITH ALL SADDAM'S CRIMES AND I WILL PASS OUT MORE REAL STORIES FOR YOU ) almost all forces in the world stood against Hitler . The proble is we have many people and many Arabic governments are standing with Saddam . The reason some of them were getting benifets , some of them are thirsty for blood , crime and violence and some of them worship Saddam .
I don't want to mention the number of people because you are going to surprise .
How do we solve second Hitler (Saddam) adding for these terrorists stood with him ? all of these I mentioned it became weight in against this solution adding there some media ( TV CHANNELLS) still support this group .


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