Saturday, November 26, 2005

Things behind eyes

I posted many real stories that shows how kids get hurt directly by the situation they are at it, Now I want to explain how kids get hurt indirectly. May be kids don’t know that and some people think it is for some thing else but I tell no it is same target against Iraqi kids when be against our kids it will be against us, Here is some of it.

I will start with beginning in 80’s most of our oil resource money was going to weapons and building palaces instead of going to our kids correctly. Kids were suffering, wars were on, and government family members were playing with money.

After 1985 Iraqi government allocated money for Arabic poets were coming from Arabic homeland countries to tell some words and get bunch of money even they don’t deserve it from “DADDY SADDAM “ at that time while Iraqi people were forced fighting in the war which made many orphan kids.

After 1992 the same things were going on but we have addition for all those things, Saddam was giving 50000$ for every Palestinian if he does suicidal operation at Palestine against Israelis while our kids were suffering with all life elements and Iraqi people weren’t finding work to live and Arabs from Arabhomeland countries have fun in Baghdad, Iraqi student had to leave universities because of hard life and foreign Arabs provided money by Iraqi regime and free education for them.
Now we need drugs for our kids and medical care but terrorists every day are blowing up school, hospital, oil pipe and infrastructures that our kids need it to rebuild their life with out violence. Guess how much we lose with all these?


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