Friday, December 23, 2005

Tale of Adel's family

Guy was one of best Iraqi police officers he had family one day but he was accused in 19885 by former regime in taking part with antiBa’ath group (AntiBa’athists is a group they were trying to take over the command in Iraq) but he had no relation with what he was accused, he was taken and got shot by Ba’athist in middle of people to be lesson to any one thinks to be against Ba’athists, however he became a sample for others, he left his wife with 5 children 2 boys and 3 girls, government seized every thing they have they lost even the glass for drink water, 2 girls and one boy were kicked out of the school because of their father , They started living in abandoned old broken house, boy and his mother started working in selling bread and cook some food for money to pay for food and medicine until they rented small house in the city, after that, government knew the family came back city so they cut electricity and running water from them, they lived in dark ( I want to explain for readers ; may be some body would say what about other people around these poor people in this situation no body can help them because former regime was arresting any one has relation with who was accused by regime) they were taking water from wells in the city , life became very hard for them but they faced it fighting to stay a life, whole family worked together to get out of this bereavement they had it by former regime with out reason. Boy’s name is Adel; Adel begun working selling cigarettes on the streets but he was chased by municipal officers after Ba’ath members informed municipal office. He didn’t care about the heat of summer and rain of winter he was 15 years old, he became sick because of that he stayed on the bed 3 years but his family continued working, Adel’s younger brother is Hisham was 11 years old started working in selling cigarettes on the streets too but he got same problem by municipal officers but Hisham was stronger than his brother he made many quarrels he got many punishments by police for his quarrels, when gets arrested they break his wood bench and seize his cigarettes and he gets beaten and cut his hair and tear his old clothes (I saw him many times his hair cut). Some times policemen take him from his working place to make fun of him and laugh on him. Hisham didn’t care with all this he continued working, every Friday he has been taken by police and with other kids to clean police station sweep and wash etc. he started giving 500 Iraqi Dinars for municipal officers just for leave him to sell cigarette on the streets after this no policeman and no municipal officer disturbed him, Hisham and his family continued working and be patient for all these bereavements.
Hisham was waiting until dark every day to get vegetables from vegetable sellers because in the night they throw old vegetable he collects the well of vegetables to bring it home. He was getting candies and dolls for his younger sisters but he was going to work with out shoes, after three years his elder became good and joined him to work so they started defeat the bereavement together and work, grow up collect money until they bought small house they couldn’t record down the house in their name because of rules against but they lived in it as their own house, at end they became free after freedom of Iraq from Ba’athists and Saddam they lived together happy and continued working to repair some things in their new house, now they live very happy and in safe.


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