Monday, January 16, 2006

About Folksy Games

Iraqi girls kids have many things to play if you ask any girl kid in Iraq about folksy songs you will see every girl know many songs, so how do they know these songs? Every girl learns from other girl specially summer nights little girls gather they sit making circle and sing or each other holds their hands making circle turning around and sing. Some times one of them sits in middle of circle and turn around the one in the middle at end every girl goes back home. Where did come these songs? There are many ways, as you know we have many nationalities in Iraq that creates different traditions so one way comes from tradition second way comes from some people publishes in small books most of publishers are from Baghdad, Basra, Mosul and Dehuk. Some teachers buy these books and teach songs all songs will be known all over Iraq. Also they draw big rectangle divided into five rectangles on the ground and small stone they hit with their single foot can’t use their two feet and hit the stone if stone went out of big rectangle, stone stopped on any line, stone passed next rectangle, some one stepped on any line or used both feet will be lost for that girl. This continue until one of them finishes 5 rectangles if any one finishes 5 rectangles she has right to occupy any one of rectangles she chooses, if she occupied one of rectangle has right to use both of feet, how many girls can play five rectangles? Only two girls, how do they start it? They write numbers on every single rectangle 1 to 5 and two girls stand out of big rectangle close to number 1 and throw stone to the fifth rectangle the one will play first whose stone stands in fifth one if both of two girls stone stand on the fifth they try again and again until start one of them then one who has right to start stands out of big rectangle close to number one and throw it to first rectangle then jumps inside rectangle in single foot and hit stone to the second rectangle then jump to the second like until finish fifth one then stands out of big rectangle throw it to the second like that until finish five times after that has right to occupy one rectangle if finished two times has right to occupy two etc.


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