Sunday, January 15, 2006

Lovely Halima

Selma and his sister Halima were living in old house with their father, mother and grandmother when Selma was 6 years old and Halima was 4 years old. Father was mute (can’t talk) he was working pulling band wagon to transfer stuff in the market he comes back around 7 pm to home every day Selma and Halima like to ride band wagon their father pull it. They are very poor and they don’t have relatives in the city. Selma goes to school but Halima cries every morning she wants to go to school but her age is not enough to join school, she doesn’t want to leave her sister she likes her too much.
Two girls play (5 stones) it is play for children collect 5 round stones and play in one hand specially girls play it some times young girls too. Halima has small hands so she can’t overcome her sister but their mother always tells Selma to let Halima overcome her to be happy. When Halima overcomes her sister in 5 STONES she becomes very happy goes to tell her grandmother “ I overcame I overcame Selma” she tells her mother sometimes she goes to neighbors, neighbors know her she is lovely girl they congratulate her, Halima can’t wait her father to tell him. Halima collects papers to play with it she likes school but she doesn’t know too much about it. Halima waits every day 11 am in front of house her sister to come back from school to carry her school bag “ Selma always says it is heavy for you but she insists to carry it “. Halima does same thing at 7 pm for her father.
When Halima doesn’t find any one to play with she sets beside her grandmother and her grandmother starts to tell stories every new story she hears from her grand mother she goes immediately to tell neighbors kids about that story. Halima likes ice cream too much but her parents don’t allow her because she gets sick, one day she followed her sister to the school nobody in her family knew about that but she lost her sister and lost how to go back home she started to cry there was old woman walking and saw little girl crying old woman too her to home and gave food and candy she quit crying, old woman said “tell me hat is your name?” she said “Halima” old woman said who’s daughter? Halima said my father’s and my mother’s daughter old woman said what are their names? She said my father’s name is father old woman knew little girl is lost and doesn’t know any thing. Halima told old woman she was following her sister to the school her sister’s name Selma.
Old woman took her to school to find her sister, they found her sister headmaster said she can stay until you go home and take her with you. When they went back to home they found their grand mother and mother are looking for Halima they became very happy when saw Halima.
But funny days for Halima didn’t continue her mother died in begetting new baby, next year his father found killed nobody knew who killed him, after Saddam’s regime fallen terrorists came to the city. One day Halima was setting with her grandmother in front of house terrorists came and killed her grandmother nobody knew why.


At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is such a sad story...
Now Halima and her sister must face war withouth her parents. As orphans.

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has happened to Selma and Halima? Who is taking care of them?

At 7:21 AM, Blogger ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

thank you for asking this question, Selma and Halima were taken by family hiding them until situation gets good because if they stay at their house terrorists will kill them,
I know where are they but it will be dangerous for them to tell their place.


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