Thursday, February 02, 2006

He just has chair

Muhammad is paralytic man has wheel chair father of three kids; his kids are Ahmed, Sabria and Hamdia. Ahmed is 4 years old, Sabria is 8 yaers old and Hamdia is 5 years they are smart and cute. Last year their mother was pregnant every body were happy in family expecting new baby but she died with her baby because terrorists blow up car in the city close to their house it was heavy and big explosion so she got effected from that explosion both of mother and baby died, it was really sad because their poor father can’t take care with remained kids because he can’t move his legs are paralysis.

Although of his paralysis every thing was getting normal he never cared about him self after he had kids with his wheel chair was working, he has wooden bench in the market sells and fixes lighters.
Muhammad knew that terrorism became most dangerous from any time so he started to talk against terrorists and condemns their entire actions, terrorists warned him to stop talking against them and Muhammad didn’t care about threats continued teaching people truth about them.

One day Ahmed and Hamdia were going to buy candy when they tried to cross road 2 young terrorists came and threw hand grenade on them and ran away, Ahmed and Hamdia got wounded; Ahmed lost single leg and Hamdia has many burned parts on her body specially in her face.
But Muhammad didn’t stop talking against terrorism after that he went to mosque and talked against them, the Imam of the mosque called terrorists by phone and asked terrorists to kill him when Muhammad left mosque terrorists killed him in front of the mosque.


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