Saturday, February 04, 2006

close to Ali'akbar

Ali’akbar is 10 years old lives with his family in rent house, Fatima his sister 6 years old goes to the school. Ali’akbar has 3 older brothers and 1another older sister, everybody in family are working, Ali’akbar don’t go to school because he has to work to support his family, Ali’akbar has two buckets his mother cooks broad-bean and put it in his buckets Ali’akbar goes to sell in front of the school for kids.
Every day Ali’akbar wakes up at 7:30 am goes to sell cooked broad bean for school kids until 12:30 pm, but is not easy, he gets in trouble by teachers who don’t allow him to sell.
Fatima gets up early with his brother to be first one eats hot broad bean they get prepared and go to school Fatima goes to school and Ali’akbar stays out of school to sell, when they done Ali’akbar brings his sister back to home to get lunch their mother and older sister prepare food first they come before any thing else Fatima says “mom what did you cook for lunch?” older sister helps Fatima to change her school clothes and put food to them to eat after lunch Ali’akbar takes Fatima to the market to buy broad bean and buy candies . When they come back home Ali’akbar goes out of home to play with other kids older sister helps Fatima to do home work, Friday is holiday no schools Fatima and Ali’akbar spend playing no work, no school.


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