Thursday, February 09, 2006

For two white puppies

Qasim and Salem are friends they are living in same neighborhood, Qasim is 10 years old and Salem 9 years old both of them have family. They wake up early morning to play with dogs secretly because their families don’t allow playing with dogs, every kid in the neighborhood has dog and take care with dogs out of their houses in abandoned houses because their families don’t allow to bring dogs in house but about Qasim and Salem, their families don’t allow to touch dogs at all, every dog in the neighborhood has name and belongs to kid nobody can take somebody’s dog because many fights occur because of dogs or puppies among kids.
Every day Qasim and Salem wait longingly early morning to go play with some ownerless dogs, “why don’t we own and take care with them secretly in the neighborhood?” Salem said to Qasim,
“But how my father promised won’t allow me to play with you if he hears we are playing with dogs” Qasim responded to Salem, “ I have an idea we get dogs and put with Amirs’ dogs if somebody asks us we are going to tell belong to Amir” Salem said to Qasim.
Qasim agreed with Salem’s idea and both of them went directly to see Amir; Amir is kid 9 years old lives in the neighborhood has dogs too.
Amir agreed to put dogs or puppies if they bring with his dogs and keep it secret and share his dog’s food too. Qasim and Salem became very very happy, Qasim was thinking how to get good dogs his mother and father noticed the happiness on his face they said he won’t be happy if he didn’t play with dogs today “ Qasim, Qasim, I am sure you played with dogs” father said to Qasim, but Qasim deposed he didn’t touch dogs, “if you play with dogs you will be sick” father said to Qasim, Qasim said I know but he hid playing with dogs.
Qasim and Salem every night pray for God and ask God to their families allow them to own dogs, next morning Salem and Qasim were thinking to how choose good dogs, “Qasim, I think if we get two white puppies one for you and one for me” Salem said to Qasim, Qasim said yes two white puppies but how we get? Salem said I already planned for this do you know next neighborhood they have good white puppies born 20 days ago we will go steal two when sun sets, Qasim said good idea we will wait till that.
Both of them knew the kids in the next neighborhood are bad if get caught they will be tortured by kids in next neighborhood but they didn’t care about this.
Sun started to set Qasim and Salem went to the next neighborhood walking and hiding until arrived there, they saw kids gathered in front of dogs house and they are intending to go home to have dinner, Qasim and Salem remained watching them until every body leaves but kids left one of them to guard until they come back Qasim said what is that, Salem said he will go home too, suddenly the guarding kid left dogs toward his home Salem said “Yalla” to Qasim but Qasim said wait until kid goes in home, Salem said you stay here watch me if any one comes yell to me but Qasim refused to stay watching both of them went to get puppies but the guarding kid just went to drink water when he came back saw two kids and dogs are howling he yelled to his friends “ dogs are in danger dogs are in danger” Qasim and Salem saw kids are coming from every they look like ants too many, Qasim said hurry up and get puppy Qasim got one white puppy and Salem too and started to run away but kids chased them and caught Salem and Qasim ran with puppy and put it with Amir's dogs and came to wait Salem but he didn’t know Salem is caught, two hours later and Salem didn’t show up Qasim can’t go in home and can’t go back to the next neighborhood.
Salem’s mother saw Qasim is sitting alone and said it is abnormal you are alone where is Salem? Qasim said I don’t know, she said you know but hiding some thing she went to see Qasim’s mother, Qasim’s mother said if you don’t tell us where is Salem I will punish you.
Qasim said we went to steal dogs from next neighborhood and I think kids caught him; Salem’s mother hurried up and took her husband to look for Salem in the next neighborhood, they saw Salem is tightened on wood post by kids and kids are torturing him to confess where is the other puppy and who is the other kid and slopped kerosene on him to burn him after they get other puppy.
Salem’s family yelled to kids and stopped them to burn him and took him to hospital, Salem became good but not allowed him to play with Qasim.
Qasim took that puppy back and got punishment by his family two months stay home and can’t play with Salem.
After 6 months every thing became normal Qasim and Salem play together and told other kids how they went to steal dogs from next neighborhood.


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