Friday, March 10, 2006

Omer and his brothers are watching cartoons now

Muslim is father 6 kids, he lives with his family in rent house, he was making money which enough just for food, clothes and rent. There is no furniture in their house; Muslim couldn’t buy some stuff because he has no saved money, Omer is one of Muslim’s sons 8 years old was playing in neighborhood with other kids one kid came toward them shouting there is cartoons on television every kid ran to home to watch cartoons except Omer stayed alone no kid plays with him he went home sad his mother asked him did you make quarrel? Omer said no every body went home to watch cartoons but me we have no TV, his mother said I will tell your father to buy TV, Omer became happy waiting his father to buy TV to watch cartoons, Muslim knew his kids want television but he felt sad because he is not able to buy it he tried every thing to buy TV but he couldn’t, Muslim was praying for God to give him enough money to buy TV and bring back happiness on his kids face but after 2 months Muslim became sick effected on him too much and he became crippled laying on bed only.
His wife started to work instead of him during this time American forces were in Iraq some soldiers were helping some poor guys from their own pocket like if they see wheel chair man in front of them they hand him money from their own salary adding for this as my knowledge soldiers were asking Iraqi people who work with soldiers if they know poor people to give them.In this time one of Iraqi man who was working with soldiers this man always was talking for people about generous and very kind soldier loves to help kids, especially orphan kids this soldier paid 50$ 2 times for Iraqi man who was working with soldiers, in this time Iraqi man was in his way to his home he saw Omer in front of house crying and Omer’s mother tries to comfort him the Iraqi man asked them why is Omer crying? Omer’s mother said we can’t buy TV and he wants to watch cartoons, the Iraqi man said I have 100 $ I will take Omer with me to buy TV, when Omer heard this he ran directly to home to tell his brothers and sisters then Omer and Iraqi man bought TV. Now Omer and his brothers and sisters are watching cartoons.


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