Monday, February 13, 2006


In former regime time schools were very corrupted and now too, obviously there was teaching but under Ba’athists (Saddam’s men) basics. Basic 1 the headmaster has to be a member in Ba’ath party to control on the type of education that Ba’ath party wants in that region. Basic 2 awe kids from 1st to 4th class to make kids prepared to accept as true the speech in 5th class in organized way. Basic 3 is use basic 3 which is teach pupils every thing bad against and hate west, western people, Israel and fill their minds with Ba’ath thoughts.
All these happen with out make people feel and fill their minds gradually, first class kids are 6 years old usually Arabic lesson teachers take this mission because it is main lesson until 4th class, at fifth class national lesson teachers take the mission and help weak kids in other lessons who shows more keyed up with mission, 6th class almost looks like 5th one, then comes secondary stage from 1st to 3rd (national, geography and history lessons teachers take the mission) if the student don’t get keyed up with them they will fight with his education then student gets failed and take him to army, you will see many smart students failed in third class in secondary stage. For example; I was in 3rd secondary class history teacher was doing this mission but I was only the one in the school aware about this, it is almost 3 months school started and nobody taught us about history all they do history teacher comes and fill our minds with Ba’ath party thoughts and urges us to hate west, western people and Israel with all bad words, I stood up and told him “sir, do you know what’s going in history lesson and we didn’t have any exams until now?” he told me “what are saying? I give you high scores all you have to listen to me,” I told him “do you want the truth I am not interested with all what are you doing and I know what you are doing all these are empty words and untruthful” he told me you will see somewhat at end of this year, at end of year I got failed they gave me 37% in mathematics when mathematics teacher saw my score he surprised told what’s going on you can get easily 90% with out doubt every body knows that, I told him I agree with this because I stood against them and I explained what happened between me and history teacher and how he threatened me and I got what he promised so I have to repeat this year again. Mathematics teacher told please don’t face them they will hurt you are good student and continue studying forget this you are too young, I didn’t take his advise here started my intellectual war against Ba’ath party and who is supporting their evil ideas, just me alone nobody supports me.
Next year headmaster sat with me he told me you have one more year if get failed like last year you will go to army or you obey us and you get succeeded as other students and I have many complaints about teaching students against us, I told him “sir lets make deal I will stop teaching students and you don’t play with my scores but I won’t attend history lesson” he said ok, I succeeded that year.
This was one of thousands examples how they were doing in their missions and this continue until you get graduated from university.
Now still some teachers are doing this but fewer than past and secretly. I ask the new Iraqi government to take care about this to save our kids from crimes, terrorism and evil seeds before rain comes on it.


At 8:05 AM, Anonymous TallDave said...

Very brave of you. Do you know Orwell's Book "1984"? I think you would find it familiar.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

At 8:08 AM, Blogger ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

thank you for your thoughts but I don't know that book "orwell's 1984".I would like to see it but it is hard to find books like that in Iraq.
thank you

At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you are brave indeed. Good luck and keep your chin up.
Donna (usa)

At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your bravery is inspiring, please continue what you are doing I think it is very important. Please continue to educate yourself and others, and stay safe.


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