Sunday, April 09, 2006

Abandoned Room !!!

Jabbar was born after month of his father’s death, has no brother or sister, his mother decided not to marry just to take care of him, she lived always with dreams that she grow up his son and send to school and he gets graduated from university then he marries, Jabbar lived with his mother and his grandfather, his grandfather has a store sells dishes so he is only support for Jabbar and his mother.
Jabbar is 6 years old now he started his first year in school, teachers are very happy with Jabbar because he is smart.
Next year his grandfather became sick he sold the store and he died it was very sad for Jabbar to lose his grandfather, Jabbar had to quit school and start to work, their situation became very bad because the money he makes it almost enough for food, Jabbar always thinks to find good work to make his mother happy but his mother became sick so their situation became very bad, this situation put him can’t go to work and he can’t quit work he has to stay with his mother and work but this impossible, adding for this he needs to get medicine money for his mother until he got bored of thinking.
One day he told his mother I will go out to look for new work takes short time and more money and if I couldn’t find good work I will steal money to keep you alive at least, mother is laid down on bed can’t talk even, Jabbar left home morning looking for work or steal something but he couldn’t find any thing until became dark, Jabbar decided to go back home in way he heard kid is talking inside abandoned room but he knew this voice this is Ali’s voice he decided to go and see what it is going on, he saw Ali is talking with cell phone he didn’t like his talk, he waited until he is done then he talked to him at first Ali got scared then when Ali saw his friend Jabbar he became happy.
Jabbar said hi to Ali and told him “ what is going on with talks with cell phone and strange words?” Ali answered “ nothing” Jabbar sat down sadness and puzzled is known from his face, Ali told him tell me what are you doing here at night? Jabbar told him what he is looking for and about his sick mother; his friend’s situation affected Ali; Ali told Jabbar “ I am working with group 300$ as salary including food and protection and working time is not important but sometimes is full of dangerous”.
Jabbar told him what is work? But Ali said “ I can’t tell you until I talk with my man”.
While Jabbar and Ali are talking man came into room his face is covered that man surprised when he saw another child with Ali, Ali and that man talked alone then they came back to Jabbar, that man told Jabbar “you come with Ali and start work tomorrow with us”.
It is tomorrow morning Jabbar attended to abandoned room then Ali came and took him to the group, when they entered the building which group stays Jabbar saw weapons and he didn’t like the faces of people who were in that place, one man of took Jabbar to room to give him directions of work, that man told Jabbar “you are going to work for us if you don’t obey us we will kill you and if you leave us we are going to kill you too now you saw everything no way to go back consider your self our slave”, Jabbar didn’t like this at all but he involved himself without knowing where he is, Jabbar realized he is in terrorism group which kills and torture people but his mother’s sickness and group’s threat made him to obey, Jabbar met many other kids who they don’t know what is going on here, which terrorists give to them food and money to use them in their operations.
After two months Jabbar’s mother became good, when she knew what Jabbar doing she became very angry and asked Jabbar to quit working, Jabbar quit working for the group, ten days later Jabbar was found killed in abandoned room .


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Miss. Blue Eyes said...

Dear Alaa,

My heart goes out to the kids of Iraq. Thank you for sharing their stories - I pray that get a lot of response and support.

I have linked your blog to mine - I'm an Iraqi girl in Canada who also loves to work with kids.

At 10:14 AM, Blogger ChildrenVoiceIraq said...

Dear Ash,
thank for your lovely emotions toward our Iraqi childern who were suffering all past dark years that Iraq got and they still because of terrorism.
also I want to apologize from you because being late to respond your lovely comment I hope you accept it,
thank you


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