Friday, March 24, 2006


Kazim was 9 years old, he has one brother his name is Muhsen he was 6 years old and one sister her name is Ikhlas she was 7 years old, they were living with their parents and their grandfather and grandmother were living in next house where they live, every thing was good their father works in the factory he goes to work from 6:00 until 6:00 pm so he has almost no time to take care for kids, their mother was taking care for them, their mother was every thing for them.
Next year their mother became sick and she died it was big loss for kids who they used to live with their mother’s love and care, their father decided to marry, their stepmother started to hate kids and didn’t treat them well, every day morning their stepmother wake them up and force them to work early morning after their father goes to work wash dishes, sweep and clean, one day Kazim refused to obey his stepmother beat him up, Kazim and his sister and brother ran to his grandfather’s house and told them what she is doing for them their grandmother said wait until your father comes back from work, when their father came their grandmother took them and explained every thing but their father was tired and stepmother said this is untrue she continued that kids beat me up and ran to their grandfather’s house, their father believed his wife and didn’t believe his kids so pain and torture continued on kids, one day stepmother ordered kids to wash her feet but kids refused to do it they tried to run but stepmother caught Muhesn and Ikhlas and put them in room then she started to heat metal stick and cauterized their back and leg she said if you mention this to your father or any body next time I will kill you and if any one asks you what is this? You are going tell we were playing with fire accidentally burned.
In that day their father came back from work stepmother told that kids made fire and burned some parts in their body, father didn’t care adding for this he punished all kids for making fire.
Kids complaints are increasing day by day but their father doesn’t care, their grandfather and grandmother know but they can’t do any thing to stop it, stepmother started to lessen their food and sometimes keep them without food, she gives one bread for all morning in lunchtime she cooks just for her sometimes she cooks meat and she doesn’t give for kids, when grandmother knew this she cooked meat and took it for kids stepmother said put it here I will feed kids later they aren’t hungry now when grandmother left she threw it out even kids didn’t knew, stepmother didn’t take care with their taking shower, kids became unclean and had lice, for all this kids are afraid to tell any about what happening to them by their stepmother, grandfather bought for kids two chickens, one rooster and one rabbit for kids to play and forget sadness happened by losing their mother and stepmother’s bad treatment, stepmother killed the animals in front of kids and said this will be lesson for you if you don’t obey me I will kill you all, Kazim didn’t bear this and shot her stone on her head and they ran to their grandfather’s house, Kazim told his grandfather how she killed their animals in front of them and they were crying but she didn’t care, grandfather didn’t bear this he took wood stick and beat stepmother up with wood stick, grand father took kids and started to feed them let them to take shower grand mother started to take care of them but at night they go to their home to sleep, their father was angry why grandfather beat his wife up he threatened if this happens for his wife again he will throw kids to streets, kids stared to see food and stay on their bed long time, grandfather bought to them toys and more animals but their grandmother died after two months, grandfather knew if he marries again the terrible things will happen for his grandkids but he married, their step-grandmother didn’t care for kids and she threatened if kids stay here I will leave, grandfather had no choice he sent grandkids back to their home which grandmother waiting for revenge.
One night stepmother decided to take her revenge from kids she dressed black and hid her face and started to wait any one goes to toilet to scare them, little Muhsen went to toilet in that night she appeared with her black dress to scare him, Muhesn got scared very bad and he became crazy, Kazim and Ikhlas decided to obey stepmother until they have some solution for their problem, after four years father became sick left work laying on the bed only, stepmother left them after their father’s sickness, Kazim started to work to support his sick brother and father and his sister, Ikhlas took care of his sick brother and father and doing house work cooking, sweeping and everything. Grandfather put his house in kids’ name, after 3 years their grandfather died Kazim was 17 years old he sold house and opened store for him to support his family, also he took his brother to doctor he became better than first now he is helping his brother in store.


At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As if a child's life in a war zone is not bad enough, a loving mother's death, only to be replaced by a a cruel woman, what a tragedy. I am glad the childrens lives have gotten better and hopefully, they still have each other.
Good luck.
Di (usa)


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