Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lovely Iraqi kids

When any stranger comes to Iraq and he goes around neighborhoods he is going to see gathered Iraqi kids are watching him, Iraqi kids are curious to know what is going on around them and they are always punctual not miss any fun, for these two reasons Iraqi kids are very lovely, I am going to add some examples that show mentioned reasons above.

In 2003 after freedom of Iraq the soldiers of coalition forces saw many kids everywhere in Iraq running toward soldier to play with them and get some candies which soldiers brought for kids and take pictures, everyday morning kids get up and wait in neighborhoods to get candies and have fun with soldiers also some parents bring their sick kids to show them to the doctors in army, sick kids get medicines and other kids get fun and some food that kids like, I am sure every soldier knows what Iraqi kids like from foods.
But… Sometimes doesn’t go good because of the terrorists, when terrorists saw this relationship between Iraqi kids and soldiers they had and have many operations against this relationship, one of many clear examples, terrorists killed more than 10 kids and many injuries among kids in Baghdad in bomb was planted in the place where Iraqi kids were waiting soldiers to play and get some candies.

It is beginning of summer in Iraq after schools get shut and whether gets hot, our kids are ready to have fun every kid in Iraq has his own plan for summer, kids in Iraq love to play with each other in neighborhoods at night in summer time, I am sure kids who are near by the rivers or any water resources are playing with water and swimming.



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