Thursday, December 14, 2006


Burgul is very famous food in middle east, especially in north of Iraq exactly in Nineveh province which is in north of Iraq, almost all Iraqi nationalities make Burgul, the Christian villages in east north of Nineveh and all other villages north west of Nineveh make Burgul.
Nineveh is called "the basket of Iraq bread" this name came to Nineveh because Nineveh produces a lot of wheat and barley and feeds Iraq,
First we buy good wheat and bring it to home, women wash and clean almost 1/4 ton of wheat it may takes several days, and we bring big pot and install the pot and bring some wood to put under the pot, mostly we put the pot front of house some times inside of house, we start to fill the pot water then start to fire it after 5 minutes start dump the clean wheat to the pot, and start to poach the wheat we don't cover the pot.
During the poaching wheat you are going to see the kids are gathered around the pot and every kid has small jar waiting for poached wheat off course this is in the summer, after is poached the owner of the pot start fill small jars for kids and kids take to home to put some salt on it " my advice putting some salt on poached wheat is yummy, when I was kid I ate very much of it still I say no for it".
After kids go home we start to take it to the roof and lay it on the roof to dry, drying takes 3 days, then women start to clear it from any thing just poached wheat.
After dry we take it to the mill to crush it to make it small pieces then we bring to home to clear it and separate the very very small pieces out and also smipoached wheat flour out, and after this cleaning what it remained is Burgul.We start to cook Burgul like the rice but it has own taste.


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