Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One plus many problems

"Khalid …Khalid …wake up it is 7 AM …go buy some bread and yogurt to have breakfast and go to work." His mother said. Mother started family's new day with these words.
Khalid is 10 years old, he has 12 old years blind sister they live with their mother, mother is sick she can't do a lot of homework her blind daughter helps to do it, Khalid works at market to support his family.
Khalid woke up but he doesn't what to do because yesterday night when he was coming to home after he gained small money was enough to family food but some street kids cut his way and beat him up took his money, Khalid didn't tell this yesterday to his family, this morning he didn't want to tell he left home to find breakfast for his family.
He is usually smart and careful but in that day he was thinking about breakfast food, he walked to the store and asked him to give him bread and yogurt and he will pay him later, the vender saw his torn clothes then vender gave him some bread and some yogurt for free told him you it is for free don't pay me at all, Khalid became very happy because he solved the breakfast problem without make his family sad in that day.
Khalid started to run and run happy to make happy breakfast, car hit him down in his way crossing the road his bread is gone yogurt dumped on the ground," my breads …my yogurt " Kahlid was telling with cry during the car accident, one of his arms was broken and his head was wounded, car didn't stop to pick him up ran away it is early morning there is no many people around,
The vender and some of people were in the store run to take him to hospital.
It is 11:00 AM Khalid found himself at the hospital his mother very worried about him she can't go out find out because she is sick and she can't send her blind daughter out, time is going on his hungry mother and sister very worried to know what is going on, the vender still with Khalid in the hospital then brought Khalid home when his mother saw his son she started to cry his sister heard her mother is crying she started to cry too but she doesn't know what is going on, Vender put Khalid on the bed and sat down told his mother car hit your son and ran away.
After the mother explained their situation to the vender; vender told them from now on I will bring you food every day and some clothes and I will buy medicine to Khalid.
After year Khalid became good and he started to work again to support his family.


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