Sunday, October 08, 2006


Of course all Iraq’s situation is not same, some people are rich and most of Iraqi people are poor and Saddam was giving a lot of money for his men all these made big difference between Iraqi people’s situation.
All Iraqi people don’t have same nation and don’t have same belief (religion), Iraqi nations are Arabs, Kurds, Turcomans, Assyrians, Armenians, Syriacs (suryani) and keldanis. The religions in Iraq are Islam, Christianity, yazidi and Sabi’a. All these nationalities and religions led to variety of traditions in Iraq, Baghdad is the capital so you are going to see all kind of Iraqis but most of residents are Arabs Shiaa, most people in south Iraq are Arabs shiaa but there are some Arab Sunnis among Arab shiaa, middle of Iraq is for Arab Sunnis, north of Iraq is for Kurds, Turcomans and others.
Iraq has very rich history in the world starting from Sumerians, Assyrians, Abbasians and etc, these histories has great effect for Iraqi people nature.
Also Iraq has big cities like Baghdad, Mosul and Basra; also Iraq has poor neglected cities and villages but poor cities are more than rich ones.
Of course the story in south will not be like in mid or north, rich Iraqi people don't like to hear about poor Iraqi people.
I wrote this note for who think Iraq has one situation and has one type of people.
I think this small information will help you reading my stories and also you can read true books about Iraq to understand Iraq well.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Some fathers

When Asmaa was born her father left her and her mother, her father left them because he didn't want them any more; Asmaa's mother is working tailor for the neighborhood, she decided to take care for Asmaa in stead of marriage, she works to buy food, toys for Asmaa, clothes for Asmaa and stuff for their house.
After four years every things started to be good but Asmaa's father appeared, one night he came home back drunk and wounded, Asmaa's mother tried to understand him and get everything good like how they were in the beginning but she didn't know her husband became criminal and came to hide himself.
He even didn't ask about his daughter, Asmaa's mother took care for him in that night.
In the morning while she was baking he woke up from bed and started to yell for her to bring breakfast in meantime Asmaa woke up, when Asmaa saw him she ran to her mother quickly and asked who is the guy in he room, easily,,, her mother said he is your father, Asmaa didn't care because she is not used to know what is father.
One of Asmaa's mother eyes became blind because of hard working adding for this problem the father force her to take money from her.
Asmaa's mother remained patient with all these problems because of Asmaa, her father don't talk with Asmaa and Asmaa don't talk with him and doesn't like him, mother tries to fix everything to be normal family as other families but father came to house because he is wanted for thieves.
Everyday father beats mother in front of Asmaa and Asmaa starts to cry but father don't care about her.
All these events continued until Asmaa's mother two eyes became blind, after this…. no work no money father started to sell things from house…………..
The mother has been thrown on the bed blind; Asmaa takes care for her with their neighbor old woman until thieves killed the father in front of house.
Asmaa is seven years old and she gets food and clothes from neighbors, her blind mother on the bed teaches her sewing, after one year she stared to sew for neighbors,.
Asmaa is 17 years old became tailor her mother still on bed but Asmaa bought every thing for house and she takes good care for her mother.