Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Hashim says;
Hashim is one of my friends; we were talking one day he told me this story happened with him and two boys, when Hashim was 13 years old.
Hashim says;

The season is summer it is work season we usually go to some known places to get work, the place which every boys get gathered 11-20 years old then trucks come to take us to farms to work usually to digging land take potato on ground to fill it in bags and then fill trucks.
This is a normal work in north of Nineveh they pay 1000 Iraqi Dinars more than half of dollar from 8am to 5pm the condition of work is very bad but they have no choice just to work to support their family.
On day I got up 7am prepared my self to go out to go to work it is Friday many of workers don't come to work and trucks don't come also then my mother prepared Falafel sandwiches for me to take with me. I went to the place which we wait the trucks, I saw one of my friends his name Ali he is 14 years old and another boy from our city he is in same age like us, just three of us are waiting for truck no body else after waiting one hour one pick-up truck came asked are potato workers we said yes then he said jump on the truck, we jumped on the truck then started to drive us to work but we don't who is the man and where is the work, Ali told me" I didn't like this guy who is taking us to work" I told him " all we need work don't worry about his face " after two hours of driving the guy took us to far area we are not used to work in that far away from paved ways and highways.
he dropped us to the farm I saw one guy watches and about 20 boys are working, when we started to walk to start work one of boys told me "if you leave this area is better for you, don't work here" I didn't care about his speech because I thought he doesn't like us to work, the guy came told you three new boys come work here away from other workers then we went to work ,
There are lines on the ground tractor comes takes potatoes out we start to gather it and fill it in bags, the weather is very hot I asked for some water the guy who watches us told me "just work no water" he has stick in his hand and ordering us to don't let pass any potato on the and in the ground, he just yells on us, now I am ready to quit work for any reason I see it else.
He came after of my line and couldn’t find any potato then he went after Ali's line he also couldn’t find any missed potato but when he went after the boy's line that is with us he found many missed potatoes behind him he started to beat the boy with his stick, when I and Ali saw this we ran toward him and started fight him then we beat him up when he saw he got beaten he yelled to his guys to help about 15 guys came with sticks toward us those guys started to beat up us until we escaped from farm they came after us but we ran faster than them but we don't know where we are.
We left our food over there in the farm, I have blood in my body Ali is bleeding also and the boy too, our clothes are torn like escaped from monster's teeth. I told them we have to walk until find truck takes us to the city, still I am thirsty the guy didn't give me water to drink and heat of sun.
We saw Kurdish tents we went toward them, 8-9 years old kids around the tents saw us they went to tell their families, an old man and an old woman came when they saw us they took us inside tent and gave us water, they asked what happened to you, I told them dog attacked us the old man didn't believe us, he said you have been beaten.

They gave us food and some clothes, we washed our bloods then we started to walk toward highway we walked about 2-4 kilometers until we found the way. We stopped car and told him we don't have money, take us to the city, he said ok come on; we came to house without money.

This story passed out by Hashim.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Burgul is very famous food in middle east, especially in north of Iraq exactly in Nineveh province which is in north of Iraq, almost all Iraqi nationalities make Burgul, the Christian villages in east north of Nineveh and all other villages north west of Nineveh make Burgul.
Nineveh is called "the basket of Iraq bread" this name came to Nineveh because Nineveh produces a lot of wheat and barley and feeds Iraq,
First we buy good wheat and bring it to home, women wash and clean almost 1/4 ton of wheat it may takes several days, and we bring big pot and install the pot and bring some wood to put under the pot, mostly we put the pot front of house some times inside of house, we start to fill the pot water then start to fire it after 5 minutes start dump the clean wheat to the pot, and start to poach the wheat we don't cover the pot.
During the poaching wheat you are going to see the kids are gathered around the pot and every kid has small jar waiting for poached wheat off course this is in the summer, after is poached the owner of the pot start fill small jars for kids and kids take to home to put some salt on it " my advice putting some salt on poached wheat is yummy, when I was kid I ate very much of it still I say no for it".
After kids go home we start to take it to the roof and lay it on the roof to dry, drying takes 3 days, then women start to clear it from any thing just poached wheat.
After dry we take it to the mill to crush it to make it small pieces then we bring to home to clear it and separate the very very small pieces out and also smipoached wheat flour out, and after this cleaning what it remained is Burgul.We start to cook Burgul like the rice but it has own taste.