Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who is killing Iraqi kids?

I talked in one of my past posts "I won't talk about the way of crimes and terrorism against our Iraqi kids because it gives me pain when write about it" but I will tell you who kill our kids?
Let's go with my vision into Iraq and keeping our eyes outside of Iraq.

Iran is with Shia'a, Iran is with Syria, Iran is with Afghan suicide bombers who enter Iraq, Iran is with Iraqi new government, Iran is with Iraqi Shia'a militants (death teams), Iran supports some Iraqi Shia'a parties which they are in new Iraqi government, Iran is against Ba'ath party in Iraq and Iranian intelligence are every where in Iraq.

Syria is with Iraqi Sunnis, Syria supports Ba'ath party in Iraq, Syria against new Iraqi government, Syria is training terrorists in Latikia (one of Syrian province) and send them to Iraq adding for this those terrorists are Sunnis, Syria supports all Iraqis Sunni fighters, Syria supported Kurds against Saddam and also took part in 1991 second gulf war against Iraq (Saddam), Syria provides safe place for former Iraqi Ba'ath Party and Syrian intelligence everywhere in Iraq. "Syria supports Sunnis and Iran supports Shia'as to make Iraqis fight each other".

Jordanians come to Iraq to kill Iraqis they stand with Iraqi Sunnis with bless from Jordanian parliament, we remember 2 years ago (2005 February) when Jordanian terrorist who called Ra'ed Albana exploded him self in local market in Hilla province south of Iraq 200 Iraqi civilians were killed over 400 Iraqi civilians were wounded the Jordanian parliament made big celebration for this big achievement, and Jordan is third main terrorism resource, many terrorists in Iraq are Jordanians.

Saudi Arabia terrorists come to Iraq to kill Iraqis with bless from Saudi Arabian clerics, Fatwa says in Saudi Arabia is obligation for everyone to go to Iraq and create Islamic realm and kill anyone stands against until you finish your aim to make Iraq Islamic state to be ruled by OsamabinLaden.

Whole Yemeni and Palestinians people are extremists, criminals and terrorists; they come to Iraq to kill our kids.

Kuwait has several terrorists come to kill Iraqis.
Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunis and Morocco, many terrorists come from those countries to kill Iraqis.
Yusuf Al-Qaradawi Islamic well-known cleric who always appears on Aljazzerah TV urges and asks every young Muslim to go and fight in Iraq even if Iraqis stood kill them, Qaradawi one of big terrorists appears on TV every week to guide Muslims and make Fatwas to send more young Muslims to kill Iraqis and to be killed too.
Qaradawi is responsible of killing Iraqi kids.

All I talked about above is true and you can check with your other resources to find out, now just look at and think countries and people of Iraqi neighbors are trying their best to kill Iraqi kids and make one more Iraqi orphan.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007


From long time Iraqis have good relationship with birds, especially Iraqi kids.
"MUTEYERCHIYA" this is the name called for kids who cares for birds especially doves/ pigeons,
Muteyerchiyas is very common in all over Iraq, the name of "Muteyerchiya" came from word "Teir" which means fly it and also means bird so "Muteyerchi" is the guy who let his doves fly and come back to home again, Muteyerchi is single of Muteyerchia in Iraqi local language.
Most of Muteyerchias are kids 9-17 years old, to be good Muteyerchi; Muteyerchi brings wood and some fence to make big cage usually puts it on the roof after fixing the big cage muteyerchi puts used oil cans and cuts it to be small hoses for doves to sleep in it at night and puts these cans in up inside of this big cage, Muteyerchi ensures that the cage is strong enough so no cat can enter the cage, all Muteyerchias hate cats because cats come at night to eat doves, so we say in Iraq "the house has doves cant has cats" after the fence cage built Muteyerchi goes to birds market to buy some doves, Muteyerchias usually stat with 8 doves 4 males and 4 females and they have to be young and able to fly.
After the Muteyerchi brings the 8 doves starts to cut some feathers from doves' wings so they can't fly back to the first owner and also doves can stay in this house to be used to it and not to leave it even if doves left the house they come back to after they have been used to it.
Then, Muteyerchia starts to feed doves and water usually uses wheat and rice.
After months doves are used to stay in this house and have eggs, Muteyerchi leaves doves to fly free and they come back to cage after year Muteyerchi will have dozens because of reproductions made by his doves.
The war among Muteyerchias:
Before I talk about the war, some Muteyerchias put rules about their region to save their doves like if you have any of my doves you will turn in to me, the war; Muteyerchias most time stay on the roof with their doves and watch sky if any dove enters or he can see it he let his doves to fly and that single dove will join the flying group and come back to the house then Muteyerchi will catch the stranger one, if the bird belongs to one of his neighbors, if he has rules to give it back to his owner he will, if his region without rules the stranger became his dove then he will decide join it with his bird or he will sell in birds market, some times this leads to real fight among Muteyerchias .
Every Muteyerchi has his own way to defend and hunt birds, and some Muteyerchias make alliance with each other to be in control in that area.
The contest:
In every year Muteyerchias make many contests in Iraq, every Muteyerchi takes one of his best doves and make one big cage all Muteyerchias put their doves until they be used to stay in that cage then all Muteyerchias take their doves to pointed area it is decided before, it is about 40- 100 kilometers, the distance will be decided by Muteyerchias.
Then they leave doves from pointed area and go to big cage to wait doves, whose dove comes first will be winner and will get prize also second and third.
Iraqi dove is world's strongest dove.