Sunday, September 10, 2006

There is monester in Iraq

Iraqi kids have another problem this problem is new for Iraqi kids, in spite of all problems threat Iraqi childhood but this one threats our kids lives and every meaning of being child in Iraq .
Iraq is living this problem more than one year, this problem is more than street fighting, more than civil war, more than terrorism, I have no idea what do I call the situation in Iraq? Now …………… every day many Iraqi kids get murdered, some Iraqi kids get force for terrorism operations, other kids die because there is no good medical care, in the beginning of my blog I was talking about kids education and their condition, now I am talking about their lives.

I have not been writing for while because the new stories that I have it are very bad and very very bad, the situation in Iraq even effects for my psychology, so I apologize for my absence for while, but I will carry on to share Iraqi kids problem with world.
The big problem in this world no one focus the light spot on this problem, politicians even don't want to mention this, journalism don't care about Iraqi kids lives.
The Muslim clerics are busy for announce Fatwas for kill our kids but indirectly. (Fatwa: means obligated religion orders comes from Muslim clerics).
Iraq's neighbors have no mercy for our kids; our kids cry blood every one is watching.
Kids in Iraq are loosing their organs, terrorists and criminals are kidnapping our kids and sell their organs for money, killings on streets and car bombs are one of big monsters in Iraq and more than this.
Imagine can you live in this situation?

Fixing Iraq's problem means giving life for our kids