Monday, November 27, 2006

Kids' Family

Most of Iraqi families consist of more than 10 persons and it depends for family and for begetting, Saadi is 8 years old lives with big family made of 28 persons, Saadi's family live in house has 7 rooms, one room for his grandfather and grandmother because the house for his grandfather one room for Saadi's family for him, his mother, his father, his brother and sister, one room for guests, one room for his married uncle and his family, one room for his another married uncle and his family, one room for his unmarried three aunts, one room for his unmarried four uncles.
Adding for seven rooms they have kitchen, toilets and room for their stuff, Saadi spends his day playing with his cousins in side the house and from time to time his grandfather gathers him and his cousins to tell them tales and old stories sometimes funny stories and play with them sometimes teach them how to play.
The grandfather doesn't work he is 65 years old but Saadi's father and his uncles work together to support this big family, when one of his uncles is free plays with Saadi and his cousins and also take the kids to the park, the women in this house take care of cleanings, washings and cooking.
The men in this house just work to make money to feed family and other family's need, they are not rich and also they run their self by their self, this the situation many Iraqi family live with.
Kids' voices are overflowing this house day time and night time is calm because all kids in bed now, in the morning all kids be gathered to feed them then leave them to play.

When they buy something for any child they have to buy for all children (you know the kids) when they give chocolate or candy for one child they have to give for all children (you know the kids).
I know Saadi he is very polite child and good also he is clever in school, his younger brother 8 years old very funny and nice, I like them, when I visit them the kids come around me because his father my friend.
This house kind of full of love and fun.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Fawziah and her calf

Fawziah is nine years old girl lives with her family, her father has three wives all of them live in big house which her father own it, Fawziah is lucky because her mother and her father's other two wives don't make quarrel with each other (if man married more than one wife usually wives make quarrel with each other here in Iraq).
Her mother the first and older one has five kids, Fawziah is fourth child among her brothers, the second wife has four children all of them girls the third one has two children one boy and the other is girl, they have big house because Fawziah's father buys and sells cows, oxen and sheep, her father takes his animals to sell if sells he buys new ones end of the day he brings them to house which he made rooms for his animals beside of his house.
Fawziah's brothers help their father to take animals to animal market and bring them, her mother and other wives care to feed, clean and milking.
Fawziah likes to spend times with cows and sheep she likes them too much, when she goes to school she brings her friends to show them their cows and sheep, also she goes with her mother to sell milk and yogurt.
One day their permanently cow yeaned new calf colored with white and red, Fawziah liked it too much, she brings to calf from her own cakes and when her mother gives her an apple she gives half of it to her calf, she also asked her father to buy comb to her calf her father bought to her new comb every day she combs her calf.
The problem her father doesn't know her daughter likes the calf too much; her father is very busy by running selling and buying animals and also to run his family he is always busy,
After four months her calf gets bigger and bigger, one night she heard her father talking to her mother about the calf to slay it and use meat for eat, she couldn't sleep that night always thinking about her calf,
In the morning she talked to her mother about the calf and her mother said I will talk to your father, when her mother talked to him he said don't worry she cries for one and two days then will forget every thing but he didn't know how his daughter likes the calf even if he knows it he cares for his business.
After two months his father decided to slay the calf then he prepared knives to start but Fawziah cried very hard and started scream strongly when neighbors heard her scream they came quickly to say what is going on after they understood the story they asked him not to slay the calf because of Fawziah then he stopped slaying.
After two weeks her father sent Fawziha and her mother to buy new clothes for fawziah, Fawziha didn't know his father planned to sell the calf, when Fawziah and her mother came back Fawziah couldn't see the calf she started to cry and scream she thought her father slaughtered the calf then she became sick for two years, after two years she became well step by step but she doesn't believe her sold the calf until now.