Thursday, August 09, 2007

at house or out of house , merciless terrorists kill our kids

Before months:
Some where in Nineveh province:

Sajed is 11 years old; he lives with his family in small and old house, he doesn't go to school anymore because their region became fighting field many times between Iraqi forces and terrorists, his mother always tries keep him busy inside home and urges him to play inside home with his brothers and sisters, but Sajed gets bored staying at home he always gets way to get out of house and play with his friends at neighborhood, because of this action he gets punished by his parents.

One day,,,, shootings and explosions started near by their neighborhood, Sajed's mother shouted " Sajed , Sajed, Sajed" but Sajed wasn't at home; he was playing at neighborhood, his mother sat down and started to cry and say my Sajed is gone repeatedly, while she is crying hard knocking on the door, Sajed says " mom, mom open the door it is me Sajed" his mother ran toward door and opened and she saw Sajed with some kids from neighborhood, Sajed invited some kids to home to protect them from shootings and explosions because fighting is close to their house, Sajed and his friends are scared, paled and breathing quickly, his mother brought water for them quickly, when fighting stopped Sajed's friends left to their home and their families were worried about them.

Sajed's mother works hard to keep Sajed inside home to avoid the danger of terrorists everyday, but Sajed always finds way to get out of house and play in the neighborhood.
One day, morning, neighborhood is silent and everything is normal, Sajed's father used this silence to go to market and took Sajed's brothers to buy some toys, while Sajed still in bed sleeping his mother asked his father to buy him new playthings that may keep him inside home,
Mother, Sajed's sisters and Sajed stayed in home,
Father bought toys and playthings for Sajed and in his way to home, suddenly, he heard hard explosion he hurried up toward home and he found their house collapsed, Sajed, Sajed's sisters and Sajed's mother are dead.


At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Alaa,
It is Thanksgiving today here in USA. I look especially for words from you today because of this holiday. It is meant to thank God for the good we have in our lives, and came from a celebration after the first year European settelers struggled to live in a new land.
It has been a major holiday here to allow us to see what good there in in our lives and appreciate them.

It is my hope and prayer that you remain well and that the children of Iraq grow in safety and security.


Ed Turbert

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