Friday, June 08, 2007


The pictures above show the one of Shia'a's ritual on Ashoura day, in that day Shia'as make a big ceremony in Iraq and other countries, this ceremony contains slapping their selves, lashing with metal chains and other non metal and make their selves to bleed from head, this happens once every year, but when we look at pictures we see the pain and torture that kids have, actually parents force and encourage their kids to do this, they don't know the harm and damage that kids have from this action, some of these pictures are not from Iraq but I saw with my own eyes how Iraqi kids get pain of doing this, some of these pictures are for other Shia'as in other countries but I feel pain with that wherever it happens, I ask Shia'a parents to stop forcing kids to do that, I got in problem by family when I tried to stop one kid was lashing himself by metal chains.
Kids loose blood and get beaten.

Please stop torturing our kids.


At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey im shia and i know thats haram i mean we love really love the prophets family but the marja3 said this is haram so yeah stop doing it/


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