Wednesday, February 28, 2007

my small kite story

Kite is one of Iraqi kids favorite thing, specially when comes wind season end of spring and autumn time so I remember my first kite flying, kids fly kites on the roof and some on the ground especially in villages, if roof is not good for kite flying which it has to be wide enough to kids movements kids go to their neighbors to go up to the roof with other kids to fly kites.

When I was 6 years old my older brothers were doing kites to fly which was not allowed to me to do with them because my mother were when you grow up and became like them I will allow you to go with them, I liked it from first, my brother go up to roof and start to fly kites and I stay on the ground to watch them.
I became nine years old it is beginning of autumn there is good wind, I asked my mother to allow me to make kite she said ok but be careful, because many kids drops from roof and get their legs broken, I went to roof I have already my kite stuff prepared and I know how to make because I was watching my brothers how they were making it, I became very happy, then my cousin came to play with me he was 7 years old his name Saleem, saleem were very excited to make our first kite, it was about 9:00 AM, we make kits from old newspapers and some thin palm wood and filament, after work in it we made our first kite and it is ready to fly.

Our kite went with other kids' kites to showoff whose kite is flying too higher, I and my cousin didn't have our lunch because we were keyed up.