Saturday, November 26, 2005

Things behind eyes

I posted many real stories that shows how kids get hurt directly by the situation they are at it, Now I want to explain how kids get hurt indirectly. May be kids don’t know that and some people think it is for some thing else but I tell no it is same target against Iraqi kids when be against our kids it will be against us, Here is some of it.

I will start with beginning in 80’s most of our oil resource money was going to weapons and building palaces instead of going to our kids correctly. Kids were suffering, wars were on, and government family members were playing with money.

After 1985 Iraqi government allocated money for Arabic poets were coming from Arabic homeland countries to tell some words and get bunch of money even they don’t deserve it from “DADDY SADDAM “ at that time while Iraqi people were forced fighting in the war which made many orphan kids.

After 1992 the same things were going on but we have addition for all those things, Saddam was giving 50000$ for every Palestinian if he does suicidal operation at Palestine against Israelis while our kids were suffering with all life elements and Iraqi people weren’t finding work to live and Arabs from Arabhomeland countries have fun in Baghdad, Iraqi student had to leave universities because of hard life and foreign Arabs provided money by Iraqi regime and free education for them.
Now we need drugs for our kids and medical care but terrorists every day are blowing up school, hospital, oil pipe and infrastructures that our kids need it to rebuild their life with out violence. Guess how much we lose with all these?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today's result by TERRORISM




Monday, November 21, 2005

Pages of our good life 2

Iraqi fathers almost are responsible for every thing beside mothers to help kids to grow up, Father plays with kids, buys toys and tells stories too. Kids don’t see their father as much as they see mother ids always miss their father because early morning father leaves home going to work end of that day kids wait in front of door to see their father because the first kid sees him will give him chocolate or some thing like that other kids get their share too but he gets first so kids always keep waiting. Sometimes kids get bored when their father delays coming home because of hard work, Kids sleep and father leaves home to work next morning kids continue this.
Boys like to play with cars, bikes, ball, small crystal balls, football players pictures, making something from clay, and collecting rare things.

Girls like to play with dolls and make small houses, small dishes, cooking stuff, small colored beads, drawing squares on the ground playing on it we call it here first and second, rope and songs with other girls by making circles and singing we have many of these songs.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lack of Luck or Terror's monstrous(savage) ?

Let me tell you this story behalf two kids ,It is small story but they had very hard situation . Year 2004 .
Ali and Jasim are brothers , Ali is 9 years old , Jasim 8 years old , they are not orphans living in their owen house as normal people in Iraq . One they both of them became sick so their mother decided to take them to the hospital but their sickness was not too bad , it was cold or some thing like that . When they arrived to the hospital they left the car walking down into hospital in same time Iraqi army was chasing 4 terrorists in and around the city, So terrorists went to the hospital and Iraqi army after them but Iraqi army almost surrounded the hospital ( this situation is full of shooting each other but Iraqi Army is careful because of existed people ) .
However two of terrorists ran away , remained two of them they arrived to the gate of hospital this is the point met Ali ,Jasim and their mother hiding behind the wall after hearing shooting to protect their selves because they didn't know what was going on . ( terrorists wre wearing explosive material"BLOWING BELT" and Iraqi army knows this so became very careful) .
So Iraqi army wants to capture them , at gate two terrorists and Ali ,Jasim and mother behind the wall wich very close to the gat in front of gate Iraqi army surrounded every where back the hospital and in the hospital Iraqi army too .
Two terrorists saw there is no way they will be captured by Iraqi army they saw they Ali's family behind the wall on of them lifted two kids every kid in single hand they threatening to kill those kids if didn't leave us to leave the city , Ali's mother is crying begging but nothing but they were kicking her to every part in her body she fell down till she swooned , they took two kids walking to their car after Iraqi army saw their monstrous action to save two kids. ( the situation was so hard save two kids, save the hospital and capture them).
Two terrorists left the hospital after Iraqi army let them and didn't chase them to save two kids , two terrorists threw two kids out of car when they left city .

Monday, November 14, 2005

Pages of our good days

Although whole violence that we had and we have it I can't hide we had good days and calm days as I promised you to tell truth . I said in pervious post to provide you with real stories and these kind of stories are part of our life too.
As normal Iraqis, most of Iraqi people consist of families , These families usualy consist of kids , mother and father as other families in the world . perantes do their best to raise kids and help them in the life , No doubt they love their kids too much because they sacrifice their happiness to help kids and prefer working hard to get food and stationery for kids .
still the poorest parents very happy when they produce new baby they don't care how the situations are because they trust God will help them . Pernets assure very well to keep their kids be polite and safe to be apart of this society .
After becoming an Iraqi mother means great thing and becoming very kind and lovely .
Iraqi mother does tell kids stories to their kids these stories are very nice remain in their kids mind to tell it to their kids and never die these stories wich are full of humanity , love , love animals and love other people . It is almost looks each mother school prepares to good and peace life , For example mothers always warn their kids from fighting other kids .
Iraqi mother makes toys for their kids and cooks cakes , does candies then invites nighbour's kids to gather these kids together to love each other and play with each other .
If one of the kids became sick you are going to see Iraqi mother woken watching her kid all night .
I know every mother in world is same as Iraqi mother and my full respect and love for every mother in this world .

NOTE : I will continue "pages of our good days " stories like that and with other stories wich I promised you

be continued