Saturday, May 20, 2006

Children and Rain

Iraqi people consider rain biggest bless of God for them, life goes on with rain here, when rain delays or stops for long time specially the beginning of winter and spring time Iraqi kids ask God to send rain, I am going to pass out how Iraqi kids do this who live in north of Iraq and I am sure kids in south do this too but I don’t know the way they do it, also the way depends on each culture existed in Iraq.
In this situation Iraqi kids gather round to groups each group does in its neighborhood, it starts with one kid (his age 12-14 has to be boy) he is going to be leader for group; the leader prepares every thing necessary for them, leader bring bags and makes flag and pots, the color of flag depends on cultures, leader’s mother help him to prepare these things and teach him how to cook.
When every thing is prepared leader starts to go out and yell slogans (slogans; ask God and pleasing God to send rain) every kid in neighborhood joins with him to make group and they walk yelling after the leader (kids age 6-14 boys and girls), kids stop in front of each house to collect rice, vegetable oil, Burghul (Burghul is food made of wheat) salt, bread and everything helps them to cook, the people in neighborhood give them what kids want and pray for God to send rain.
When the kids collect enough stuff to make enough food for kids they walk directly to the nearest graveyard to cook and pray for God to send rain, after everything is cooked the leader puts it in small dishes and hands out for kids around him then kids dump the remained on graves to be food for homeless dogs and birds (kids believe after dogs and birds eat this food will pray to send rain).
Finally after they are done kids come back home waiting rain in home when it rains during or after their operation kids became very happy and dance.


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